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    How To Kill a Gunner

    How To Kill a Gunner

    Gunner is a new class introduced in version 4.0.


    Gunners have large burst damage.
    Gunners can heal themselves and recover MP.
    Gunners have a spammable Advance Eye skill.
    Gunners have an anti-shock scroll but in skill form.
    Gunners have a OP UD buff.


    Gunners are very squishy.
    Their self purify has an annoying cooldown.
    Gunners are not faster then a lot of classes, Gunners either run slower or the same as others.
    Gunners rely on cooldowns A LOT.

    Now that you know our pro's and con's here are tips on how to kill a gunner.

    1. If you see them fully buff run, say 30 meters away IF possible.
    2. Make them use their remove shock ASAP and purify if you do so they are very easy to kill
    3. Never ever chase a gunner if you can't catch them. Doing so will result in death.
    4. Roots are your best friend, root gunner like crazy that is their big weakness.
    5. Use your STRONGEST skills don't time using weak skills since we can easily heal up. You want to burst the gunner as fast as they burst you.
    6. Gunners have 4 debuffs pay attention to what they do. 1 lowers attack speed, 1 silences, 1 lowers casting speed, 1 makes you bleed.
    7. Do not waste your time blinding a gunner, it literally does nothing to us, same goes with silence ( to an extent ) we can still attack you either way just can't use skills. Only way to stop us is if you bind us.
    8. Don't try to put us in Aether hold, doing this is 90% impossible since we can have 2 anti shock ( not remove shocks )
    9 NEVER fight a gunner in flight pvp, you will lose every time. They can reduce your flight time over and over and over.

    Now here are the counter classes and classes we counter.

    Gladiator vs Gunner: Most of the time this will result in Gunner winning unless the Glad knows what they are doing and if they are quick enough. Do not be afraid to spam the super long cooldown skills ( it is totally worth it )

    Templar vs Gunner: Once again a gunner SHOULD win this IF the templar has cooldowns, if the templar has all cooldowns then the templar will win most likely. They just need to learn how to pull you/stun you when the time is right.

    Assassin vs Gunner: This is a win/win situation, if the assassin knows their rotations they can win ( note: assassins need to use major cooldowns to beat a good gunner )

    Ranger vs Gunner: Rangers will never solo a gunner simply because blind/silence does not effect us as much.

    Sorcerer vs Gunner: Sorcerer should always win this, if the gunner has cooldowns they are screwd, but if the gunner puts the right combo on a sorcerer quickly then most likely sorcerer is dead. Note: Wintry is useless against gunners

    SM vs Gunner: Just like a sorcerer they should win every time, but with the right combo they can die. ( Spiritmasters do not be afraid to use spirit sub/body guard ) you will need it. Cover the binding debuff on us and we are useless.

    Cleric vs Gunner: Clerics need to do as much damage as possible to win this, use instant heals DO NOT use heals with casting time. They will make you die. Make sure you keep yourself purified and snare the gunner as much as possible. A pro cleric will kill any gunner with ease.

    Chanter vs Gunner: This is gunners ULTIMATE enemy. If you know your chanter rotations and you know how to stun lock you will win without receiving a scratch. Gunners die SO easily against chanters. Remember to use self purify as soon as you see a debuff on you. Interrupt gunners chain skills doing so will leave them defenseless and will die.

    Gunner vs Gunner: Guess what! Gunner will win, but what gunner wins? Well the gunner that wins if they BOTH know what they are doing the person who landed the first stun 9/10 will win.

    Bard vs Gunner: Bards can easily kite, do not waste time draining our MP its useless, cover us with dots, sleep us, make us dance and paralyze us DO not afraid to do so. If you don't you will die. Doing all this you can kill a gunner without them even hitting you once. Now if you have cooldowns don't expect to live if they are buffed up. Like above kite the buffs you can run faster then them.

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