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    Battle Cleric Guide

    Battle Cleric Guide

    What is my role as a battle cleric?

    Well as a battle cleric your role is to spam many DoTs, debuffs, large hitting skills, & of coarse purify your team.
    When it comes to team fights you destroy enemies where they stand with how many DoTs you have & large hitting skills.
    Clerics multiple debuffs you need to use on certain enemies. You have your MR debuff, your attack debuff, lower attack speed debuff, & a reduce healing effect debuff. Depending on what people you use these on can determine if you win or not.

    If I'm a battle cleric why do I need to Purify?

    Purify is an instant skill you can easily just click your teammate & purify them. You must remember your DPS is from yourself & your teammates. Keep them purified and occasionally an instant heal which would secure an easy win.

    Which stigma's should I use?

    Earth's Wrath
    Blinding Light
    Sages Wisdom
    Grace of Empyrean Lord
    Festering Wound
    Punishing Earth
    Sacrificial Power
    Enfe****ng Burst
    Flash Recovery
    Summon Noble Energy
    Chain of Suffering
    Hand of Reincarnation

    Alright I see what I need but why do I see Festering Wound instead of Call Lightning?

    Many people can argue that Call Lightning is better then Festering Wound when it comes to a Battle Cleric but it's not.
    Reason being is it takes 3 seconds to cast, & it has a long cool down.
    As for Festering wound lasts a very long time with a shorter cool down & reduces healing received to the target by 50%
    You notice that in the stigma build there is Blinding light. With Festering Wound using Blinding Light is easier then without.
    You have 2 instant dot's that put a negative effect on them which leave the last thing to do is to use Blinding Light.
    You must have 2 things stacked on the enemy if you don't want them to pot the Blinding Light.
    Doing this make killing Rangers & Assassins 100% easier then having Call Lightning.

    Which Scrolls to use?

    The scrolls that you want to have & use battle clerics are

    Running Speed
    Magic Crit
    Attack Speed
    Anti Shock
    Strike Resist

    All these scrolls look legit except Attack Speed. I'm a battle cleric why do I need attack speed?

    Well as a battle cleric with the stigma build up above you will have a lot of instant move making cast speed useless for you.
    Even with cast speed you will only have 0.9 from 1.0 ( without title & candies )
    Attack speed increases your animation of skills meaning you can cast instant skill more frequently & quicker.

    Normally a sorcerer can get 5 skills out while they are in air but since it's attack speed scroll with instant skills they can get 7.
    Same thing applies with all classes that have instant skills.

    What classes should I be more cautious of?

    The classes that give clerics a hard time are:

    Rangers and Sorcerers ( Depending on their build ) You will have more problems with Glacial sorcs then CC sorcs
    Clerics ( Depending on their build ) If they are dps it's basically a war between whoever lands the most dmg & heals when needed.

    Any other class including assassin is fairly easy to kill as a cleric.

    Alright I understand I will have a harder time killing the ones above. How do I kill other classes?

    Cleric vs Assassin:
    They will do everything in their power to evade all your attacks while they are fully buffed. But since you chose festering wound over Call Lightning it's even easier to kill them. Just spam all your instant skills on them until all of their magic evade skills are gone. When they pop the skill to increase their MR throw your MR main MR debuff on them & chain of suffering. ( This will make it impossible for them to resist anything ). Don't forget to blind them! After all this is done & they still aren't dead root them & go to town on them.

    Cleric vs Templar:
    Templar's are the easiest classes to kill in my opinion when it comes to a cleric. What they will most likely do is stun you from the distance ( DO NOT use remove shock ) simply because it's bait to make you use it for them to use sword storm.
    They will pop Aether armor 9/10 times so when they do this just kite them. When they get half Hp most of the time they will pop Iron skin to remove all their debuffs ( Seeing this happen shows you that you basically won this match ) Kite them while Iron Skin is on and as soon as it is off destroy them.

    Cleric vs Gladiator:
    This can be a very tricky fight for a cleric especially since they have a lot of know downs as you only have 1 remove shock.
    Never use remove shock on the first knockdown if you can survive it. Mainly what you will want to do while you are fighting a gladiator is basically use Enfe****ng Burst to decrease their attack & hallowed strike to reduce their attack speed then spam your dots & kite them. If you see them fully buff and start running after you, you have 2 options.
    Use your 10 minute cool down shield to make sure you don't get a knockdown and spam your dot's + blind once you know they can't pot it. The other option is Run/root/run/root until the buffs they have are gone.

    Cleric vs Chanter:
    Another easy fight for a cleric. Mainly what you need to do is spam as many Dot's as possible followed by a blind.
    " Save your Festering wound " When they are blinded most likely they will run and as soon as they run and blind is almost gone pop festering wound so they can't heal up. If your blind is on cool down you will want to use festering wound when they have 4 stacks of negative effects on them. You can't really kite chanters since they have a lot of range skills so put your thorny skin on fully buff & go to town on them.

    Cleric vs SM:
    When fighting a SM you should always have 75 % hp or more. When they try to fear you try to glide so you evade the fear.
    Dispel yourself as soon as 1 dot hits you. They will try to put multiple dots on you so they can silence you.
    If you see them put up Spirit sub a lot of people fail to attack the Spirit instead of the person. Since a Sm shouldn't be able to hurt you. Kill the spirit then continue killing the SM. Easy win most of the time unless you fail to glide a Fear

    What should I use in Pvp? Computer keys to move or Click to move?

    Well when there is a lot of people it's best to use your pc key's instead of click to move mainly because you may accidentally lock onto the wrong target. If it's a 1v1 or 2v2 it's best to use click to move since you can keep running & easily kite all the enemies.
    When using click to move you are able to use your skills a lot faster if you master it, though if you feel uncomfortable using it stick with using your key board to move. It's better to be safe then sorry as a cleric.

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