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Thread: Templar PvP

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    Templar PvP

    So there was no guide so im going to cover some basics and a few average tactics here... pretty much known stuff this guide. I made it for starters or average players... So if you know to play templar get the hell out of here

    I. Summary
    II. Gear
    III. Stigmas
    IV. Tips
    VI. Your role in PvP
    VII. Tactics

    I. Keep in mind your the main tank class of aion... that counts for pvp too (5% or 10% extra pvp def can't remember the exact value), and also your the last priority target... so in mass pvp you wont get hit too much unless the other players are retarded or outnumber you. Also damge.. most of your damage is Random damage (rng) Shinning Slash and Punishment -> then comes break power ofc and magic smash... As long as you remember you got 5 extra skills on shield and your not a greatsword monkey you will have a really nice dmg

    II.The gear is pretty much obvious: Ncc plate 3 piece crt 2 piece acc and block on the shield and mace with NCC plate helm + 10 crt stones on the greatsword... There are ofc other sets you need to have but this is a basic guide. On the end note if you are capable of playing whit a non extendable mace feel free to do so... laest/ddg is best for your average player though

    III The templar stigma build is pretty much static

    Doom lure;Break Power;Punishment;Aether armor;Inquisitor blow;Divine fury;Holy shield;Magic smash;Divine punishment;Empyrean fury

    IV Empyrean armor adds 5% pvp,50% HP and heals 25% of your hp, With refresh spirit and pots a templar can go from almost 0 to full, use this to control other people burst on you.

    Your first burst is your main burst and it should always be done with the dmg buffs on. Other than that use empyrean Fury if you don't intend to go all out. Holy shield should always be up since its practically got 30s cd if we take out the duration

    Cry of ridicule is a block at will skill that allows you to use your shield dmg skills... the main role of this is to insert a shield counter a 100% stun that goes trough anything exept rs (no idea why server change)

    Do not ever use your magic skills with your greatsword... rebind the swap weapon to smt comfortable for your hand and practice... on a moee advanced level you can do this to cancel animation (ex. magic smash)

    Doom lure adds a 2s para effect and has 21m range with the extendable greatsword and 19m with the mace, the skill can also add a slow effect

    Provoking shield counter can only go in if the target is stunned ( Shield bash is a knockback and its only used for cc)
    you need divine punishment or shield counter, ely can use their 1m Cd punishment of light for this also.

    VI. You kill people. It's that easy since no one hits you you can do a lot of movement and controlled dmg bursts. You also have to cc targets with skills kile shield counter,doom lure, shield bash,divine justice.Add priority to the cloth and leather classes, leave the healers for other people.. but if you get ganked 2 on 1 go for the healer first

    Edit at request:

    VII. Tactics against other classes

    Vs other templars... rng war... who gets his burst in first has the upper hand start with doom lure, don't avoid stunning him even if he has refresh spirit up, a random kd can come up any time and break power will go in. Ud from start

    Vs glads Whenever you have lockdown on use cry of ridicule and move back by the time its over you can get your shield skills in. a more advanced player can figure when the next lockdown will be (its spammed on reuse noting supernatural) and have magic smash ready. Ud from start.

    Vs sins Holy shield up.. the stingy dmg will never get the kill in. You can change to shield while stunned. so they will take more dmg than you in the stunlock practically. if you get aethered and rs on cd thats a problem. The most effective way of fighting sins is the big dmg burst . Doom lure and kick all your skills in, shield bash and stunlock. He will always use his rs on kd. a break power almost takes yout half his hp anyway. This is ofc no Ud guide. a more advanced tech is the use of steel wall def but thats a bit complicated...

    Vs Rangers: same as for sins. A hard burst. A by the way dont hesitate to keep holy shield up against any class. the reflect range is practically your damage range. Shield bash and counter for stuns try getting a stumble in and get the kill, for evasion rangers pray your big dmg skills kick in or copy my accuracy build.Aether armor helps alot in here

    Vs Chanters: aether armor and ud from the start, they have too much control and can heal to 100% if they stun you. once again you burst and cc, doom lure,shield bash divine justice shield counter what ever, weap switch to gs while doing this.. a bit more of a advanced tech, once again he wont use rs cuz if he gets kd hes toast

    Vs clerics Same as chanters dont waste your long cd skills on the dmg shields tought

    Vs Sorc... here its all about rotation... break his shield and then doom lure asap, if your near him go shield bash and interupt his cast, if the first sleep fails you can dispell root with prayer of freedom and the fight is yours, if not the average templar player will get killed by sleep and delayed dmg skills

    Vs Summoner Omg i donno how to say this but unless your really lucky and rng much you can't win this. Iron skin to remove dispells, dont try to lock important buffs because it wont work

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    ty :)

    Thanks for the information, im new in Aion and i always get killed by enemys but with this i can stand and kill them too

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