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    Post Gamez Aion Fast Lvl up

    Hello I am a Gamez Aion player i noticed that the quest of the Gamez Aion is bug it can give more exp than looking the exp to give
    Gamez Aion FAST LEvel up for ASMODIAN quest..
    These are some steps in fast lvling.
    1.Kill mobs until lvl 9 then Complete Ascension Quest.
    2.Go to Altgard and talk to Suthran Complete the Crushing the Conspiracy.
    3.If your lvl 25 now go to Pandaemonium and Complete the Abyss Entry Quest.
    4.Go to Reshanta and talk to Governor Votan and Complete the quest Abyss Battle Training, Putting on the Speed ( must complete the Abyss Battle Training first) ,.
    5.Go to Beluslan and for Nerita,(after that u are allowed to teleport in Brusthonin) and complete the Reshanta quest The Shadow Summons.
    6.Complete the Beluslan Quest Lvl 44 Quest (Restoring the Observatory) i think...
    7.If you are 49 complete the Beluslan Quest Light up the Light House
    8. Complete the Gelkamaros Quest.
    9.Sarpan Quest.
    10. Tiamantara Quest

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