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    Sorcerer Guide


    After playing Aion from day 1, i have come to the below conclusions :

    Stigma Set.
    The best way to work on pvp is with a hybrid, or, SS path.
    I see that you say that the Glacial path is best...
    Hmmm.... i played allmost all my way with the Wintry path. Changed to Glacial then, cause i thought that more damage will help. So, after having played both path's for a long time now, i can only say, that the SS path is better.... and to be more precise... is more usefull! (playing Glacial though at the time, but its going to change as i explain below)
    If i take under consideration the changes in 3.0, than the SS path is FTW!!! You can have the damage you need with Inferno, and Storm Strike, instead of Glacial and Flame Spray. Plus having the abillities to avoid (illusion), and to cc (Curse of roots, root, Sleep, Sleeping Storm), and without loosing the stun effects (Illusion Storm instead of Arcane Thunderbolt). So, now, in 3.0, the only acceptable path for a good sorc is the SS tree, all to the end, plus Storm Strike. Offcourse, if you lack on m.accuracy, then you have to consider the Hybrid way, in order to get Supplication of Focus in!
    Glacial Rocks, i cant argue, all love the damage you make with it. But the casting times are out of space! 4 sec for Glacial, 3.5 for Flame Spray, and 3.5 for Inferno. In order to cast them all, you would have against you someone without any m.resist on (so you can cc him, to take the time needed to cast). With most of ppl having arena sets (and Abyss Gear), you cant be sure that all your skills get through. So, better survive a little more, than hoping for my skill to have 100% succesfull rate (which also means you have build up your charakter as needed to have as more m.acc you can).

    PVP Gear.
    No way i am going to invest in Abyss 60 lvl Gear! The players that dont have anything else to do in theyr live, are going offcourse to take them, cause they can afford it (time, and effort needed to get the AP needed), but if you play "Normal" hours, the 60lvl Arena Set, is a MUST! You can easily play in pvp with this set. And in time, if you want, and if you continue to play, you can invest in AP Gear (if off course if you are done with Abyss Accessories, which are 100% needed).

    You need to take some facts under consideration.
    How high will you invest in Enchantments? If you go to +10, this means +560HP in your Gear. And +200 in M.Boost in your weapon.
    Doing this, you can afford to skip some HP and M.Boost stones, and put more M.acc.
    But at the beginning, without enchanments on, you must go for HP/M.acc/M.Boost. How much on each, depends on your total numbers. Some good Nr, are to be considered as follows :
    M.Boost : approx. 2500 (now at 3.0 even more, in order to avoid losing some due to the use of Magic Suppresion). If you go with the Glacial Tree, you can work fine with much lesser. No problem since you make bigger damage.
    M.Acc : approx. 2000, in order to get safely the most skills through. (If you go with Supplication Of Focus, lesser is needed).
    Hp : As higher you can take it, without having problem in your M.Boost and M. Acc. That means all the rest slots

    This are my personall opinions about that issues.
    They might be wrong, very wrong. They might be right, extreme right.
    Before you choose your path, be sure to learn it well! Only then you can really be able to choose a path! They have completely different playstyles. So, if you play for 3-4 months Glacial Tree, and then turn to Wintry Tree, be sure, that you will be ready to abort it immediately. You need to give each path the time needed to evaluate.

    And last but not least. Both paths are needed. Accordingly to the occasion that occurs.
    This makes a Sorc complete.

    You may of course play the way you want it..... but its allways better to have the abillity to adapt wherever needed!

    Best Regards,

    P.s. Sorry if my English isnt good enough! I tryied my best!

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