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    AION Appu Ways of lvling from 1-30

    Ok First thing first you have get out of the newb lvl so get to lvl 1-10.

    Ok since you done that.. now what you can do is solo the kralls in verteron. As for me i'm a ranger so i just kite them and don't die .
    Solo krall until you get to lvl 16 if you have a spiritmaster then boom it easy to solo kralls, EVEN with sorc i do not know about the melee class...but you can try if you die then.. to bad you gotta do quest...

    Then once you reach lvl 16 just do haramel gather all the quest for it and boom do haramel every 1 hour and get to lvl 24.
    DO NOT DO CAMPAIGN QUEST( find out later why)

    once you get to lvl 23-24 you can go to elthen and get to kaidan mine... you can solo the melees elites.. or the rangers elites if you know how ;D. But yeah just kite them and do not GET KILLED if you do not know how to kite there tutorials on youtube. I would make a tut also.. but since there a lot i thought i don't need to. just solo the elites krall from 23-30

    ONCE YOU GET TO 30! you can do all your campaign quest to get to lvl 40 .

    So to me i got to lvl 30 in one day just doing these :3

    it great to have some amulet exp, energy repose, annnd fast track server . It helps you lvl even faster. And sorry for the poor english...

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