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    exchange of fish rainbow

    hello guys, I'm here to help those in need as I always replace many fish rainbow but has no patience for switching. then did this macro to help.
    use this macro
    it works in 800x600 window mode, the speed must be at 2000m / s.
    WHAT YOU should change is the first line of the macro that with x because this part depends on what part of the map you are to the movement of the mouse, you can not move the mouse stopped and let out that he return the fish to you .

    move x, x
    left x, x
    send 1
    left 426, 484
    left 460, 500
    left 407, 584
    left 421, 479
    move x, x
    left x, x
    send 1
    left 414, 483
    left 441, 478
    left 429, 576
    left 434, 479

    to find the x mouse over the npc and not just let click on the npc and click ctrl + ai to use the location.

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