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    Tip on bug extract enri b

    good guys I'm here to tell you that for security reasons do not carry the bug in their proper accounts because the GM will probably
    delete many items and so too much refined gold accounts for such care will be deleted.
    * I suggest you create fake account and thus carry the bug-hack.
    soon after attempting to sell the items so no more putting many items for sale as it has many players ss taking and sending support to suggest that place in small quantities eg x10-x10 hira enriched enriched kaize b ...
    you decide things like parchment portal dimensional chaos ...
    you make the trade exchange between the players well spent less unnoticed.

    Another thing is that many walked notanto said the GM knew about this bug and knew that players would fully take advantage of it and they still have not taken adequate providences left so the bug becomes something that everyone now use.
    in my opinion this was done on purpose by gm to boost the economy of the game ie if the economy of the game is high eg who paid 10kk 1k in cash and so fasendo players already they put more cash can not buy at high price and so presumably invest in the game.

    it is ae guys might not like some of the more opinion-suggestion hope some of you to understand why I know you have

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