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Thread: Ycs + trainer

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    Ycs + trainer

    If i use YCS fishing with WPE to move Karena PVE , have some risc to go to Alcatraz ?

    Português : Se eu usar o Ycs de pesca e mover para o Karena PVE , corro algum risco de ir pro alcatraz ?

    Sorry for the bad english

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    GT: You will not be stuck but I would not advise. Another player can see you and you instead go to alcatraz would take a maximum ban
    BR: Você não irá preso mas eu não aconselharia. Outro player pode te ver e você em vez de ir para alcatraz tomaria um ban máximo

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    Such a player would not risk report, because in theory it would also ban

    PT:Tal player não se arriscaria a reportar, porque na teoria ele também levaria banimento

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