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    From 1 to 62 Easy Way

    This a basic guide, but im sure it will be usefull for new players.
    At first you must do the 4 initial quest from ''Diogo Nobaro'' then stay killing the max mutants till lv 10.When you reach lv 10,back to regenshein and in the way get a quest with a guard to receive the second bag.Go to lilola hawn and get 2 quests:
    They will give you a double experience for 15 days and a great weapon.If you dont have a pran grab a quest with Max Rummenige at Verband to start the ''Pran quest''.Sup,Lv 10 with pran,double experience and with the ''elders weapon''
    search for ''hariri'' in verband,once you find it,there is the place you are going to up from 10-12(killing not only hariri but the yorks near him).Once you have reach 12 find for another yorks called ''York Faminto'' and you can stay uping there till lv 14.
    When you reach lv 14 go to the ''4 Fragância de Cogumelo'' in Verband and start doing the quests there.Doing the quest you will end at 20-21 probably,stay killing the monster in ''Armazem do Burton'' untill you reach level 21 then you can go to ''Caverna Heckla''.Stay killing the monsters there (always search for monsters with the orange name,which gives more xp)and at lv 23 you will receiv quests there.From this moment you can keep doing quests till lv 50.You can use the itens the itens that you receive from quests and the only thing that i think its usefull to buy its a soup, you can seach in ''consignações'' for the karena soup.For warrior and templar = Sopa de Mariscos Karena Picante,For Snipers and dual gunners = Sopa de Mariscos Karena Light,For Mages and clerics = Sopa Mariscos Frescos.Once you have reach level 50 get the quests in basilan that i called '' Supere o 50!!'' and the quest with Hermut Von Shroder in Regenshein,you should start doing the Von Shroder quests and you will note that each step its pretty much the same of The ''Supere o 50!!'' quests,so you can do them together''.After concluding both of them you will probably have to kill some monsters to get 99.9% of the level 50.The ''alaus'' and the ''yorks'' at Mt.Hessein should be the best.Once you reach 99.9% go to Von Shroder at regenshein and up to 51.At this moment you if can afford a level 56 weapon reduced to 51 +5 or better you will probably be able to kill the ''Planta Carnivora Mutante''.If u cant kill them alone,seach in the ''Floresta Ungor'' map for the 4 Plants spot,and find a group for you.Also from lv 51 to 55 there are quests that give to you are great set.This quest you can get at ''Apicultura Carmo'' and have [glorioso] in the name.The quests are:Level 51-gloves,52-Boots,53-Elm,54-Armor,55-Weapon.You can keep killing plants (or doing quest,you choose) untill level 56,after that i recommend go kill ''Buto Mutante''.Once you reach 90-95%percent of lv 60 buy a ''CTE''(Cento de treinamento Elter) and use it,if you conclud it you will end at the level 62.=]

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    Good topic, but try to make it more organized. Anyway, it will help new players
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    Organize more, or I'll have to consider as just a copy and paste.

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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    i couldn't understand anything, to much disorganized... try to reorganize, just an advice
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    Cool your initiative but this very scrambled, the one organized by level to simplify your tutorial oh yes it looks cool ^ ^ good I used a translator and organized a bit for readability, let spoller in case you want to look as it should be I have helped !

    Legal sua iniciativa mas esta muito embaralhado, da uma organizada por level para simplificar seu tutorial ai sim fica legal ^^ bom usei o um tradutor e organizei um pouco para facilitar a leitura, vou deixar em spoller caso queira olhar como deveria estar espero ter ajudado!!





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