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    Post Farm gold easy 61-70

    Well, what else see this lv players are questioning that require a considerable amount of gold, and who can barely be sure to 1kk, and most readers of this forum do not have an account, or have yet to activate it to enjoy other derivatives that are easier yet, so I'll pass the method I do.

    Step 1: Go to the mine [ELITE] a few times to get 400k ~ 800k OR to drop sets and weapons.
    Step 2: If you sold the items and take the 400k ~ 800k, go to the auction, and buy weapons of 48 generally are between 40k ~ 55k (do not pay more than that!).
    Step 3: If you have saved or purchased, go to the NPC item to disassemble and dismantle the weapons and armor, and hope to come facion pieces, remembering, the process is free!
    Step 4: Generally spending the whole 800k, I can pretty thing, then I can average 5000 pieces of facion, depending on the day and of course luck, sometimes you only get 1 ~ 2k.
    Step 5: Open a shop next to the auction (Place of greater movement) and place each piece by 1k, ie joining all, say 100 = 100k.
    Step 6: Be patient! There are days when I do it and in a matter of 1 hour, all were sold, and there are in my inventory Pretty 2kk ~ 4kk, ENOUGH achieved so easy and profitable.

    Have you had times I did it one day, and I sometimes 20kk profit profits under 5kk depend on the day and a bit of luck, piece of facion is sought-after players who are behind making recipes or use of skill even, as sometimes has extracts for the gold, I decided to pass this method because some people do not like to use fishing bot and do not know if it is still functional, and hope you enjoy.
    Sorry for English, I used google translator


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