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Thread: Its possible?

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    Its possible?

    Hi guys, i was looking for a game that i played, called WYD, and some players did a hack for it that the functions were integrated into the game executable itself, as wall hack, speed hack, teleport, etc. i was wondering if it might be possible aika and in what language could do that, because the language they use this game to make the so-called "Whook" is in C + +. Thanks.

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    yes it is possible to develop a whook aika, however wyd and the ease in which it was done so using xtraps less than a year, so everyone had a great ease in discovering the pointrs the game the aika ja ja debuted with xtraps and becoming one of the most updated and the moment ... then patience friend .. and even if it is done will be highly restricted as more trainers are blocked because of users that do not know enjoy what you have on hand
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