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    some questions about speed hacking

    First off hi, I'm thor9907 and I'm currently a coder going through school with a hobby of game hacking. Second let me say I'm new to hacking and feel like a complete noob tool because this is my first post and I'm asking for help lol.

    Anyways on to the problem, I have gotten speed hack to work pretty well, thanks to Dwar for the bypass and a little experimenting.

    What I have found is that if you run with speed hack you will get d/ced but attacking/using skills won't get you d/ced but it seems like some kind of buffer gets overloaded after a while and you cannot use skills or attack anymore (I think it also prevents you from using pots). I guess the question I'm asking is that if I'm right about the buffer or totally wrong and is there a way to clear the problem and make it so it doesn't lock my actions.

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