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    Thumbs up A little information about honor 85

    Info about new sets on AikaBr:

    AikaBr was finally announced in the new set of 85 (epic3). In this update we have the following sets:


    (The IMG is in portuguese cuz i took by a blazilian site).






    The price of each set is equal:

    Helmet: 58k of honor and 190 medal
    Armor: 67k of honor and 220 medal
    Boots: 50k of honor and 170 medal
    Gloves: 46k of honor and 150 medal
    Weapon: 72k of honor and 240 medal
    Shield (Paladin): 70k of honor and 230 medal

    - Remembering that we need about 6k of pvp to open the npc...

    So, maybe we have to start joining the honor!

    The system probabily will be equal of the Ancient, so we can make the packet to get the set without 6k of pvp.

    Enjoy it!


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