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    Question Doubts about old gold and exp hack??

    PGC Hello!

    Reading some forums right here I see a lot of gold and asking hack up fast
    or rather hack EXP.

    Well I'm not the time of the ancient gold and exp hack who talk so much ...

    I wish that someone who took this season tells me to

    as used in the process to obtain GOLD hack ...

    If you have been through packages or cuts in direct client ....

    Sometimes I wonder how such a feat was done by using a cut

    not only changed the client side and so would not only appearance

    ie so that you see ... possible as a royal court that the server side

    recognizes other value ..

    If someone can answer me .. I'm thankful

    sorry my english google translator ...


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    the little I know has been following the server had a shall we say "error"
    The hack was possible only because the game had this error and some people discovered this error then the hack was possible to change the served because of this error.
    but as today has no more this error then it is impossible to change the served.

    I do not know if you got it right but I think it has to explain something like that today anyone found any error in the server would be possible to buy the cabinets rare 80 but as this error does not exist yet it becomes impossible to hack

    this error that I speak so much about missing a program and a bug in the game something went wrong in the patch of Ongame or distributor send program missing or incomplete

    pelo pouco que eu sei foi seguinte o servidor tinha um vamos dizer assim "erro"
    o hack so foi possivel porque o jogo tinha esse erro e algumas pessoas descobriram esse erro entao o hack foi possivel mudar o servido por causa desse erro .
    mas como hoje nao tem mais esse erro entao e impossivel mudar o servido .

    nao sei se voce entendeu direito mas acho que deu pra esclarecer alguma coisa tipo se hoje alguem encontrasse algum erro no servidor seria possivel comprar as arcas rara 80 mas como esse erro nao existe ainda tornase impossivel fazer esse hack

    esse erro que eu tanto falo e algum programa faltando algum bug no jogo alguma coisa que saiu errado no patch da ongame ou a distribuidora mando programa faltando ou incompleto

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    I'll try to explain to the maximum,

    I think you know, that all information in the game are Server, and who has access to the Server, becomes almost a "God" in the game because you can do whatever you want, edit char, items, mobs, everything.
    But there is also a customer, who receives all this information.
    Getting needed a "relationship" between Server and Client, and this is by sending information in packets.
    The Gold / Exp hack was possible because the server had an error, I can say, error "check".
    What I mean by this error "check" is when the information was completed a quest sent from Client to Server, it (server) checked and returned the information that the quest was ok, and you received the Gold and exp, except that the server did not log the quest had been completed, then you could be sending information from completed quest several times, and Gold and Exp consequentemete receive several times the same quest.
    This was the error, Server not realize the information repeated, so the hack was done.

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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    Yes, I understand that there are two parts
    server and client ....

    Thanks for your answers ....

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