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    Ideas and doubts about buy rare 80

    Hello friends of PGC!

    Today I tried to enter the site and appears pgc Sorry, server is not working

    how strange huh .. but I managed to come through the posts and well log ..

    In the last days and today I have seen too much talk about bug Hestia

    and purchase of 80 cabinets rare and so I came a few doubts ...

    To buy just the one ark would have to have the lights

    Hestia in inventory, and right because that part of the server

    recognizes .. ok up there, but would create a package that

    modify the quantity of that item in your inventory .. thus had

    at least one light could buy several arks .. this and only

    an idea .... Another way I thought

    would be to use a package that enter the adress of the lights along with the adress

    its inventory but with this you could have anything from

    quissese game when in your inventory, it would be very laborious

    because they would have access to the database to find out aika

    adress of each item so perfect ... I think it would not be possible

    change the value of the chests of gold because that part and the server does not

    I believe the client .. A pocote or any other type of alteration

    that could cause the server to cheat such as changing the

    facion an address by the light of Hestia in your inventory

    cabinet so as to buy using instead facion light ....

    I remember seeing a post about using bait or something like

    ammunition or gunfighter Shooter .. If you use this logic to use

    example: facion to buy cabinets in place of lights might be

    possible ....

    I may not have much knowledge in the area ...
    But I want to learn and like to pursue this knowledge ..

    one asks this noxtrap decrypted without the Themida ..??

    or have to use the unpack Themida here the pgc and thus find the

    starting point in order to stop and not start Xtrap?

    So he could use the CE or WPE PRO aika the decrypted

    Xtrap without? Thank collaboration and I apologize if I said what

    should not just imposing my doubts and ideas!

    Google translator

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    good question

    I'm not a connoisseur of these modes put me very interested in learning more about the issues on the hidden and unknown aika itself of this forum and if someone could test these ideas and pass on to us I would greatly appreciate it thank you sorry now I google translator here

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