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    Alcatraz Prisao no Aika "Power Judicial System"

    Alcatraz, who never heard of it, after the appearance of the hacks aika com along with them came the famous teleportation it would take to meet famous Alcatraz and not available yet Hestia

    Blog AikaBrs snooping around the site 제목 없음 faced with the news of this system which until recently ...

    time nothing was known about it, it happens that we do not know hehehe, after a frustrated attempt translation might bring a few (but it's something) on this site.

    it is a prison for criminals in the game, I think the game developers came up with a form of punishment for those who like to disrupt the game, I personally do not know yet how it will be the punishment that I know I read the material that a punishment of one day can not be removed while the users are off, then literally be "stuck" at that location until you pass your punishment. will have to think and rethink the acts imagine spending one month in prison, 30 days will be logged directly. good that the marginal vain be all confined together in this hole.

    Still not found what may or may not within alcatraz but developers already created items to Alcatraz provavelme be to reduce the penalty, freedom of others (only guess), below you can see the image of the items from Alcatraz

    continuando, alem disso tem esta imagem abaixo que mostra mas esta novidade que não consegui identificar ainda.

    Do I believe that Alcatraz will be so bad as many think will, though, will only get rid for a while good players from bad players, moreover provalmente Alcatrz will be joining the Global Corja of all nations, so the rss bad players have fun with each other, searching for net I found this video that I believe is an event on Alcatraz a player in the challenge with the GM.


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    Ragnarok also has the same prison for bad players, cool.

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    Thanks for the information! I think they use it to people that use Bot ingame too.
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    Good post very informative and alcatraz will rest some players in aika
    If i help you give thanks , your finger will not explode

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