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    Hello please i need help with Blue eye

    hello sry to post this here but didnt kno where else to post it, i instaled blue eye and and with the help off a friend it runs fine with aika, i dont get kicked from game, i tried to use a fishing macro, after i set it up the macro apears to be running fine but in aika nothing happends please need help

    Ok i nailled down the problem the virtual driver wont instal, i tried instaling every driver in that list and none work, stil says that virtual driver not instaled. i run a windows xp sp2 please help.
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    Has this tutorial that helps you make many many perfects I think will help you to copy or try to catch blue eye macro and see if the right ...

    sorry for the English used the google translator xD



    Tem esse tutorial que ajuda a tirar muitos muitos perfects acho que vai te ajudar a faser o olho azul macro pescar tenta e veja se da certo...

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