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    Question Quest daily medal of courage!


    Hello, the type of NPC that access to the Battlefield (Agros Haima) There is a mission that you earn by completing five medals of courage, not by chance someone would try to capture the Packets picking up and delivering this quest, or agent to reach every day and get this medal without presisar Winning on the battlefield, if someone can do this I would greatly appreciate it stands to this packet, if you like clear, if not also thank comprehension!

    Thank you and sorry for Terrible English, Google Translator is tense!


    Olá, Tipo no NPC que da acesso ao Campo de Batalha (Agros Haima) Existe uma missão que ao completar você ganha 5 medalhas da coragem, por acaso não teria como alguem tentar capturar os Packets pegando e entregando essa quest, ou seja pra agente chegar todo dia e pegar essas medal sem presisar Vencer no Campo de Batalha, caso alguém consiga fazer isso eu agradeceria muito se posta-se esse packet, se tiver como claro, se não tiver também agradeço a compreençao!

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    I can't say it's impossible, but otherside i've tried myself to find some glitch at battlefield wars incluiding this quest, but i failed.

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    It would be a very useful pack to complete the quest battlefield, but find it hard to be done

    Seria muito util um pack para completar a quest de campo de batalha , mas acho dificil de ser feito

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    yes... can anyone make this pack to try ?

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