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    Aika Epic II How to survive Leopold

    With Leopold, the first part of EPIC II, we have tons of new things for you to play with.
    1. New Leopold maps & Epheso Town
    2. Air transportation is available from Basilan to Leopold (Aerial combat zone)
    3. New Dungeon - Cave of Lycans
    4. Maximum level is raised from level 70 to 75
    5. New Equipments
    6. New Skills
    7. Changes to Skills UI
    8. Status capabilities added
    9. New Mounts
    10. New Monsters
    11. Watch Towers Block Battle
    12. Over 100 new Quests

    With so many new things, we turn our eye first to the main feature of Leopold.

    The Watch Towers Block Battle!

    There are 3 Watch Towers in Leopold and these watch towers exhumes negative effects onto Elters.

    The negative effects are:
    • 10% decrease in Max HP and MP
    • 10% decrease in Physical and Magical Defence
    • 10% decrease in Physical and Magical Attack

    To negate the effects above, that is the tricky part! Because to do so, your Nation will need to prevail in the Watch Tower Block Battle. In this battle, all Nations are enemies. YES! Even your Allies will be vying with you for it.

    Here is how to join in the Watch Tower Block Battle.
    • The battle happens in a 18 hour interval
    • The battle lasts for a maximum of 1 hour
    • This battle happens only in Leopold

    During the battle, the 3 Watch Towers will randomly spawn various special relics.

    Relics are produced every 3 minutes at each of the watch towers. Players can acquire the relic by clicking on it on the watch tower. Each relic will have an effect on the player carrying it. Once a player acquires a Relic, it is advised that the Nation's Citizen protect him as he will need to carry it and place the Relic into the Altar of Blocks to score points.

    This Altar of Blocks can be found at the Skadi's Eye area. There are 6 Altars in total and players may select either one to place the relic inside. Altar that has just been placed a relic cannot be place another for the next 5mins. There will be a "Forbidden Altar light" shown. Opposing Nation can seek to rob you of the relic you are carrying by killing you.

    The battle is over when 1 Nation achieves 100 points or when the 1 Hour time limit is over. There will be rewards given to the Victorious Nation and its Ally in addition to negated the debuffs.
    4 kinds of rewards will be given according to the acquired points.

    Reward will include Hestia Island which will be patched in, in the future as well. Upon "defeat", your Nation receives debuff in the form of 10% reduction in Physical Attack & Defense; Magical Attack & Defense and HP & MP.

    The main reward of coming out victorious in the battle will be the access to the

    Hidden Argent Forest!

    Players will be able to travel to this map by talking to the NPC in Epheso town. When time limit on this map is up, players will be forced to return to Epheso town.
    In this map, no other players from other Nations will be able to bother you while you train and farm for items! Also, it has special daily quests only for those inside.

    Quest #1 - [Lost Food of Ruchi] – Daily Quest

    The [Frozen Fish] that Ruchi hid in different parts of the Hidden Argent Forest were eaten by the Black Guard, Red Guard and the vicious mediator. Ruchi asks you to look for his food, [Frozen Fish].
    Reward - Strange Pocket (Random Box)
    • Useless Stone
    • Enriched Facion x10
    • Enriched Facion x15
    • Poison Mushroom x1
    • Poison Mushroom x3
    • Apple of Poison x1
    • Apple of Poison x3
    • Kaize -Rank A- x1
    • Hira -Rank A- x1
    • Magical Crystal (Cooldown time 6) x1

    Quest #2 - [Delicious Mushroom] – Daily Quest

    Ruchi also likes Poison Mushroom, aside from Frozen Fish.

    Reward - Unknown

    Quest #3 - [Gift of the Heart] – Daily Quest

    Rochi is looking for fresh apples.

    Reward - Unknown

    So how do you actually get to Leopold?

    Apart from releasing a new Portal Scroll to Leopold, players can actually check out the cool new Air Carrack.

    You may board this Air Carrack at Basilan Town in Lakia. It will bring you directly to Leopold
    although it takes a few minutes to reach there.
    It can only carry a limited number of players on board each time.

    But Beware! Aboard this ship, it is actually a PK Zone! You got that right, you can PK while in mid-air!

    Once you are in Leopold, remember to check out the town Epheso.

    It is the only place in Leopold that you won't receive the debuffs of the Watch Towers.

    Apart from the usual monster grinding to level up, players might want to check out the new dungeon, [B]Cave of Lycans![/B

    There are a total of 7 new Bosses inside this dungeon.

    "By choice" means that you can choose to defeat either one of the boss before proceeding to the next area.

    "By order" means that you will have to defeat one by one in order to get to the final area.

    Each of the bosses guards a specific area, and in each area there will be traps laid in wait for your arrival!

    Overview of the dungeon

    The dungeon is split into 2 parts.

    Part #1 - B1 to B4

    Part #2 - B5 to B7

    Let's talk about Part #1 first.

    S - Starting Point of Lycan's Cave. It is located in the deepest part of Aboel Mountains.

    B1 - Hatchery of Olgoi (Boss: Olgoi Queen)

    Olgois grow their own larva inside the bodies of living creatures.
    Corpse of Kentauros, used as a host are prevalent.
    1 Olgoi Larva will be created when killing Kentauros in the state of host.

    B2 - Gateway of Hellhound (Boss: Garoom)

    Kerberos Garoom which has been grown by Jerennis Roshan, is guarding the gateas it was commanded by the owner.
    This loyal animal annihilates the enemies by using very strong physical strength and Flame Breath.

    B3 - Gateway of Trail (Boss: Master Lupus)

    Has the best power among the Lycans and is called the Master.
    He is the leader of all Lycans. He is guarding the place after ‘Akidos’ and ‘Lenya’ went inside the deep part of the cave.
    Uses the special technique of the Lycans using the giant ax.

    B4 - Gateway of Immortal (Boss: Nosferatu)

    Demon spirit plant Axion that has demon spirit of Jerennis which entered the Island of the Sky.
    It is difficult to kill because it has healing power and high defense.
    Among those demon spirit plants, one that directly received the spirit of Jerennis is called Nosferatu.
    They are at inner most part of the dungeon and they have strong healing and defense magic.

    Traps - Invisible NPC deals physical damage to players within the arrow premises by dropping icicles.

    They are marked as a tiny downward-pointing red cursor on the map.

    Let's move on to Part #2 of Lycan Cave now.

    B5 - Deadly Poison Valley
    (Boss: Iquitos & Lenya)

    Leaders of Lycan, Iquitos and Lenya. They have been fighting against humans who uses them as a slave.
    However when massive human army arrived Leopold, they went into the ice cave to hide from humans.
    In order to face humans, Lycans created allies with greater enemy.

    B6 - Lair of Janus (Boss: Jerennis Janus)

    Jerennis Janus, who is half on flame and half on ice.He is a unique character which holds two opposite energies.
    He is called Janus for making enemies destroyed from inside by playing with both.
    Kills enemies using both flame and ice magic.

    Final Area B7 - Lair of Roshan (Boss: Jerennis Roshan)

    Jerennis Roshan is sent to Leopold by Zereca to destroy the power of Leopold's wealth of Facion Seeds Roshan has genuine blood line compared to Farel who was once human. Roshan has great respect for himself and occasionally against Farel.
    Roshan exterminates enemies with hand to hand combat and lighting magic using his strong physical attribute.

    Traps - Invisible NPC attacks close enemies by spraying sulphur.

    It deals magical damage and it is only existent in B7 area at the center of each connecting bridge and is marked as a red dot on the map.

    Here are some screenshots for your eyes to feast on!

    Finally, we move on now to what most hardcore players love!

    Skills! New Equipments and Riding Mounts!

    Each Class will receive 2 new skills at level 71 and level 75.

    Warrior Skills

    Lvl 71 - Blood Strike

    Gives physical damage to one target.

    Gives additional damage of 12% of self HP of that moment.

    Lvl 75 - Howl of Freedom

    Removes all the magical curse diseases possible of oneself and the party members by

    shouting the Howl of Freedom. Increase in movement speed by 10 as one becomes

    immune to the Debuff.

    Crusader Skills

    Lvl 71 - Judgement Cross

    Releases the energy of the big cross and penetrates all the enemies

    Lvl 75 - Heaven's Affection

    Increases party members’ and own HP,

    mentality and healing effect by a certain %.

    Sniper Skills

    Lvl 71 - Killing Inspire

    Gives physical damage to the enemy and converts a % of the damage to own HP.

    Recovers a certain % of HP once enemy is killed with this specific skill.

    Lvl 75 - Death Knell

    Target the enemy for a short time and give physical damage.

    Kill the Monster type 0 (general), 5 (elite) at a certain chance. Give 2 times damage to the

    player at a certain chance.

    Dual Gunner Skills

    Lvl 71 - Pain Predator

    Gives physical damage to the enemy and put the sign of assassin . Let all people attacking

    this enemy recover a certain amount of HP for 10 seconds.

    Lvl 75 - Death Decider

    Gives physical damage and additional damage to the enemy relative to the decrease of

    enemy’s HP. Set the max additional damage limit.

    Night Magician Skills

    Lvl 71 - Black Mist

    The summoned Black Mist absorbs a certain amount of physical damage for 120 seconds.

    Increases the max skill attack, critical and evasion. It decreases a certain % of wide physical

    damage and absorbs it. Skill will be removed once it has reached the limit., regardless of the time.

    Lvl 75 - Darkness Explosion

    Explodes a large Darkness Explosion in a certain area. Gives magical damage to the area and

    make maximum of 6000 Mana become extinct. Gives additional damage relative to the

    extinct Mana. Gives additional damage to the enemy in state of Darkness

    Priest Skills

    Lvl 71 - Penitential Cross

    Summon the Penitential Cross, applying it to the enemy and its premises within 4M.

    Gives magical damage to the enemy.. Decreases physical attack and magical attack capability

    of the enemy for a certain percentage. Gives 150% of damage to the devil or undead.

    Lvl 75 - Create Holy Water

    Creates the Holy Water in the inventory. However, one can only

    possess one Holy Water at a time.

    Other than the usual Normal, Superior, Unique and Honor Set Equipment.

    There are now Ancient Set and Ancient Honor Set!

    To craft obtain either set, you will need level 65 Honor Equipments! So get them in advance!

    Another item you will need is the Skadi Blue Essence, it is rumoured that you can find it

    randomly from killing monsters only in Leopold.

    The Level 75 Ancient Honor Set will be the set for those who wish to be the most powerful

    ones at that level range.

    Here are the screenshots of the Ancient Honor Set.





    Dual Gunner

    Night Magician

    In EPIC II, we will be introducing 2 new mounts.

    Mount #1 - Purchased from Cash Shop

    Mount #2 - Obtain by completing Quests

    Here is how we can obtain EPIC II Mount #2 by completing Quests.

    Step 1 - Acquire Fragment of Embodied Fantasy from Hidden Argent Forest.

    Only Nation that conquered Leopold can obtain it.

    Strengthen the objectives of conquering Watch Towers.

    Step 2 - Acquire Fragment of Jerennis in Cave of Lycans

    Can be acquired from Lycan’s Cave Boss, “Roshan”

    Increases your needs to challenge the Dungeon.

    Step 3 - Purchase Mount Recipe from NPC in Epheso Town

    Can be purchased from “Mount Keeper” in Epheso Town.

    Step 4 - Right click to acquire chosen mount

    You will receive the mount summon of your chosen mount.

    You can trade it while in this box. It will become un-tradable once used.

    Now go check out our EPIC 2 Mounts photo album to see the differences between the 2 types of mounts for each class!

    New Status Capabilities added to character!


    - [Physical Defense Penetration] Capability added


    - [Cool Time Decrease] Capability added

    - [Magical Defense Penetration] Capability added


    - [Double Attack Resistance] Capability added

    SPI (Luck)

    - [Skill Attack] Capability added

    New Daily Scroll Quest!

    Association Request Form [Lv.61 – Lv.70]

    Get random repeat quests to be performed in Termes area.

    These can be purchased from NPC [Lyn Claire] in Termes area.

    Association Request Form [Lv.71 – Lv.75]

    Get random repeat quests to be performed in Leopold area.

    These can be purchased from NPC [Cindy Clover] in Omega post of Leopold.

    Upon quest completion, random box can be acquired as additional reward.

    NEW EXCLUSIVE Leopold Currency!
    • You can acquire [Piece of Cold Wave's Crystal] from all field monsters in Leopold.
    • You can change the [Piece of Cold Wave's Crystal] into [Cold Wave Crystal] by doing a daily quest from Crystal of Cold Wave Collector NPC in Epheso.

    The NPC will reward you with a Random Box that will contain a random number or zero

    Cold Wave Crystals.
    • Once you have received the Cold Wave Crystals and collected enough, you will be able to purchase these wonderful items!

    I did not write any of this. All credits goes to Aika SEA facebook page and whoever wrote it in their team.
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    GJ, MAN Make in portuguese too

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    Congratulations, you have learned a lot reading this post, things that did not even know now I know

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    nice post...
    I'm having trouble completing some quests...

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    GJ, this is very interesting!

    If you give me permission, I can do one in Portuguese.
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    Nice post and its very useful to those people who still didnt experience to play aika epic 2

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    InfoPlease, finish the post formatting. Second part of your tutorial looks bad

    P.S. I've slightly re-format the first part

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    Thanks Grooguz for improving my guide. If you'd like I could post information about Karena, the 2nd part of Epic II, later today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winged313 View Post
    post information about Karena, the 2nd part of Epic II, later today.
    I like good tutorial especially with good formatting. So, if you can and have time, post them. I think, not only I but also others will press "thanks" button under your next tut.

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