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    Thumbs up Need someone capable of reverse engineering "AIKA ONLINE"

    Hey folks,

    As the title says we're looking for people with some knowledge in these regards.

    Some months ago a team got together with the intention of recreating one of our favorite MMORPGs. The game has been duplicated 7 times now (only 1 server of those is currently active) and we're currently looking to be the 8th team able to achieve this.

    Why would be want to duplicate the game for the 8th time you may ask and the answer is simple:

    We would be the first team that actually played and understands the game, its community, its needs and its weaknesses.

    What do we currently have?

    An art and design team who is currently working on the cosmetic aspect of the characters.

    Community managers that would deal with tickets/ forums.

    A well-written plan of everything that is going in the game, prices, marketing strategy and more.

    Someone willing to fund us to go live once we're ready.

    Anyone is welcome to join this project but the following things come in handy

    Some who's down for an adventure.

    Someone who is just starting in this world of reverse engineering and would like to give it a try.

    Someone with some knowledge in this matter looking to gain experience and add something to their portfolio.

    C++, C#

    If you're interested and would like to get some questions clarified just comment down your question or add me on Skype:


    Thank you for reading!

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