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    Aika cheat maybe.. I:

    Hello this my first thread :< kinda nervous but anyway heres a tutorial of a duplication method not sure if still working but I tried it it did not sure if this counts as a cheat. but anyway...
    Basicly this will work with armor or wep in oh and idk if work with Na aikat3fun or aikabr

    Step 1. Get your self a weapon or armor that you want to reinforce
    Step 2. Get a pellurite or rubicine that is matched to that armor... or weapon
    Step 3. Note you need a friend for this.
    Step 4. Put your armor or weapon inside the reinforce with the pellurite or rubicine and yes have a enriched pell or rub if its a valuable item you really need and dont want it to break.
    Step 5: after putting those 3 or 2 items in the reinforcement. now trade with ur friend if u cant get a trade with him ask him to send a trade request to you accept the request and trade ur friend the item you are reinforcing after he has it
    now just click reinforce on the items you have in there once it goes and you failed or success u should have the same item in your inventory so your friend has the item and you have the item that you were reinforcing... hope this didnt confuse any1 and hope I did good.
    *note lol im not gmprotocool from aikat3fun I just like the name pro to cool as in im pro and to cool sorry bout my spellin

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