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    Post TUTORIAL mocking ipblock AikaEN with spotflux

    Ola galera vem aki para ajudar com esse tutorial

    OBs: Quem ja conhece o programa me perdoa maz ira servir para outros players novatos

    PASSo 1- Va no link abaixo e baixe o Spotflux


    PASSo 2- Instale em seu PC (clique em Next...)

    OBs: em sistemas win7 32/64 bits (EXECUTAR COMO ADMINISTRADOR)para isso clique com o botao direito do mouse em cima do instalador e escolha a opçao acima

    PASSo 3-Apos instalado abra o aikaEN

    PASSo 4-Va ate a tela de login/senha (MINIMIZE O JOGO)

    PASSo 5-Abra o spotflux e clique em conectar e espere ele camuflar o IP
    OBs: Siga o passo 2 antes de abrir o programa

    PASSo 6-Apos spotflux conectado abra a janela do jogo e logue sua conta

    PASSo 7-Va ate a tela de escolher servidor PVP ou PVE

    PASSo 8-Agora desconecte o spotflux e e feche o para nao dar lag
    OBs: Se preferir pode so desconectar em caso de Dc e so conectar novamente antes de logar e (SIGA O PASSO 7)

    PASSo 9- PRONTO,agora podera jogar aikaEN e sem lag seja feliz..



    Hello guys aki comes to help with this tutorial

    OBs: Who already knows the program will forgive me maz serve other players beginners

    STEP 1 - Go on the link below and download the Spotflux

    Spotflux # download

    STEP 2 - Install it on your PC (click Next ...)

    OBs: systems win7 32/64 bit (RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR) for that click with the right mouse button on the installer and choose the option above

    STEP 3 After-installed open aikaEN

    STEP 4-Go to a login screen / password (MINIMIZE THE GAME)

    STEP 5-Open spotflux and click connect and wait for him to hide the IP
    OBs: Follow step 2 before opening the program

    STEP 6-After spotflux connected open the game window and log your account

    STEP 7-Go to a screen to choose PVP or PVE server

    STEP 8-Now unplug the spotflux ee close to not give lag
    OBs: If you prefer you can so in case of Dc disconnect and reconnect before you are logged in and (FOLLOW THE STEP 7)

    STEP 9 - READY, now will be able to play without lag aikaEN and be happy ..


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