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    Lightbulb Boot Mob // Uopilot - Class Magic

    Well folks,

    It was very difficult to retrofit a macro to kill these mob into a cleric but after many tests, I managed to put in a way that, for me, works perfectly.

    The following script:
    Repeat 200                    
    send tab      // próximo target         
    send 1        //  raio solar
    wait 1s       // intervalo de 1 segundo para q o mob aproxime-se de vc (opcional, no caso de achar necessário)          
    send 4       // cruz penitencial
    send 3       // Uegenes Lux
    move 590, 629 4801073         // seleciona o local onde o uegenes irá ser lançado     
    double_left 590, 629 4801073    // dá o click no local selecionado
    wait 1s
    send 5     //esplendor
    send 9     // pran (no meu caso buff da pran de fogo)
    send 0     // pran
    send -      // pran
    end_repeat      //finaliza a sequencia
    After the end of the sequence, I put buffs normal holy .. that will be buffed after the amount of repetitions that you define

    send 2
    send 6
    wait 4s
    send 7
    wait 4s
    send 8
    wait 4s

    Remembering that my script is adapted to my use, each use as you want and the way you see fit. I just showed you the way.

    Until more ..

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