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    Lightbulb Aika SEA Spam Coupon

    Lately in Aikasea got the LUCKY event, you will need to take around 4-5 sec to open 1 coupon.
    If you are collecting more than 400-500 coupon in a day, are you going to spend more than an hours to spam it?
    There's an easy way to spam all the coupon in only a few seconds. This method is same like repeatable quest packet.
    So what you need is a bypass and WPE.

    So here is the step:

    1) Open 1 coupon and record the packet, select send with this socket id and then add it to send list.
    2) Do any action and record the packet, add it to send list too (Example, sit or jump action).
    3) Then resend both packet 1 + 2 using 100ms speed.

    Good luck

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    Tested and works, thanks!

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