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    Question Working with data packets

    Good evening. A few days ago, busied myself trying to understand the logic of communication between client and server. For this, I did a test with a daily mission which gives the player some experience, in exchange for medals of valor. I captured all packets, since the requisition the mission, purchased the medals, handed the mission, and use the reward. In my view, the client requests information from the server, which checks whether this request is consistent, if it is validated as true, sends a response to the client, which may be the acquisition of a task or delivery of a reward, among other situations. Following this logic, I sent the same package as captured before, with the values of 'send ()'. I had some success, but not reached my goal, which was to receive the reward again. I have some programming experience, because I am a graduate student in mechatronics, and this area involves much the acquisition and processing of information. If possible, I wish someone could give me tips on how the process of exchanging information between client and server, if my logic is right, and also what my mistake in not reaching my goal. I'm sorry if this is not the place to post questions.
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    Well, theoretically works well, information is sent to the server, and you receive the quest, after getting the items, other information is sent, warning that you completed the quest and NPC also receives another, releasing the receipt of the item and / or experiment.
    But about you can not do repeatedly, is because when you resend this information, the Server checks that are not spent the necessary time, and does not release the quest.

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