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    Auto logout every 4 minutes. (if you play without xtrap)

    Google Translate > English > A bit confuse

    This topic is designed for users who have minimal knowledge about the use of Cheat Engine and WPE Pro use in the development and use of hacks in Aika or any other online gaming genre.
    The tutorial will teach how to program the wpe to make your character logout before being totally disconnected, scheduling a time over 10 seconds (the time limit wpe pro available for sending packets continuosamente). Very useful for those who use hacks for hunting or study and end up forgetting time. You can set your time, in milliseconds, making the wpe one type of bot, and can set the time you want to send packets repeatedly. It is also useful so you do not miss the socket connection id and keep changing it every time you enter the server.

    1-Copy the folder WPE PRO.
    2 - Open WPE PRO copied, then open the Aika.exe through XTrapkiller.
    3-Logue in the character, click play on wpe after selecting the process aika, give character and logout in the packet capture function responsible for the "logout". Save the packet with the title: Logout.

    Now we set the time between "logouts"
    Before sending a packet, you possess the option to set the time in milliseconds, limited to 10,000 mileseconds. Type 500 mileseconds and send at once, just to check.
    1 - Open the Cheat Engine, select the process WpePro, and give first scan with 500, then go to the WPE, enter 1000, send once to mark, get back on cheat engine and type in 1000 also give next scan, return wpe to change one more time ... until you find the adress to the value of "time of the WPE." Once you do, change it to 240000 and freeze it. Now just go back in and score on WPE continuously send the packet out.

    I have not been very useful, you can invent your own bot using this technique. I recommend saving the time to adress that you can change it without going through those steps again.
    Do not forget that each time you enter a different server, the socket id wpe changes, therefore, always change the socket id wpe when using it in a nation.


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    Desculpem a confusão, vou viajar e fiz o tópico um pouco com pressa. Outros usuários vão entender e talvez possam ajudar a explicar melhor enquanto eu estiver fora.

    [Google Translate]
    Sorry for the confusion, I'm traveling and made the topic a bit in a hurry. Other users will understand and might help explain while I'm gone.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, this method is to keep changing the character before taking DC?

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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    Good information I've seen people complaining that one was trying to open NPC 3k pvp but before buying the items because the DC was giving wpe was sending several packages at once and the game closing

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    Quote Originally Posted by leeonardo View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, this method is to keep changing the character before taking DC?
    Exactly. Change character before passing about 5 minutes prevents you from being disconnected from the server when you do not use Xtrap. This helps you get more time online without Xtrap.
    Over the focus of the tutorial is able to manipulate the time between the automatic sending of packets.

    You can also use the packet of the "logout" to spend more time in other nations thru the teleport hack. The packet logout will work even in an enemy nation.

    --------PT BR-----------

    Exatamente. Mudar de personagem antes de passar aproximadamente 5 minutos evita você de ser desconectado do servidor quando você não usa o xtrap. Isso ajuda você a aproveitar melhor o tempo online sem o xtrap.
    Mais o foco do tutorial é poder manipular o tempo entre o envio automático de packets.

    Você pode também usar o packet do "logout" para ficar mais tempo em outras nações atravéz do hack de teleport. O packet de logout vai funcionar mesmo em uma nação inimiga.

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