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    How to beat the target mass skills without selecting the target.

    Hi friends.

    Many classes have a target mass strikes, but not all convenient to damage them. After playing a priestess I have found a comfortable thing, as soon as possible to cause damage, and does not impose a weakening of choosing target monsters.

    I'll tell you the example of 71 skill priestess.
    To do this, you will need Cheat Engine 6.1

    1. Run game.
    2. Run Cheat Engine.
    3. In the Cheat Engine, select the process aikaru.exe
    4. In the parameters of the search, select: "Value type - Text"
    5. In the search string is entered the name of the skill (sensitive) and press "First Scan"
    6. In the left part of the program displays a list of skills. Reckoned from the top exactly as much as you learn this skill. (If you learned by 6, then select the top 6)
    7. Choosing Skill press "CTRL+B"
    8. In the window that I change the selection in the screenshot on the value of 01.
    9. Now, this skill will not require allocation of a monster in goal and will do damage around you.

    If I helped you, click the "Thanks" at the end of the text.

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    Thx, work.

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