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    Delivery Uopilot fish rainbow Ires

    This is the code to deliver pexei Rainbow automatic in UoPilot!

    Stand up against the Penguin and bring the camera as much as possible leaving the penguin in the middle of the screen!

    Ready! Just run the script at the speed of 600ms
    If you are experiencing lag, increase the value of microseconds in UoPilot!


    left 801, 435 
    left 801, 435 
    wait 500
    left 809, 710 
    left 795, 747 
    left 798, 850
    left 812, 713 
    left 818, 414 
    left 818, 414 
    wait 500
    left 795, 712 
    left 795, 712 
    left 801, 850
    left 808, 713

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