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    Post Configuring Blue Eye Macro for up (very simple)

    Hello guys. Today I'm going to be showing you how to create a simple (very simple) macro for up.

    My first tip is to get a mutant mob and stay right on its spot. The second is to press Esc>config>controls> turn off "Click to move".

    I'm a mage, so I prepared a macro for me.

    Here is the code:

    Keyboard.Press key("2")
    Keyboard.Press key("4")
    Keyboard.Press key("6")
    Keyboard.Press key("5")

    How do I up? I just stand right were the mob will appear and press play. I know it's not perfect, I normally die, but here's the tip.

    My skills are:

    Number 2: Chaos Inferno (inferno caótico)
    Number 4: Hitch (impedimento)
    Number 5: Erode (corroer)
    Number 6: Chaos Flame (chama caótica)

    For classes like dual, sniper, templar and war, I suggest you to just use this code:

    Keyboard.Press key("{<tab>}")
    Keyboard.Press key("1")

    How it works: just put the simple attack on the number 1 skill, and play the macro. It will kill every mob "tab" selects. In the Macro.Pause("x") option, write the time you need to kill a mob (1000 ms = 1 sec 60000 = 1 min).

    Here's my tips

    Something is missing? Please tell me, so I can edit the post. This is my first, so I'll probably mistake!

    I dind't put clerics because I haven't ever played with one.

    Did I help you? Give me a thanks, it doesn't cost anything! (I didn't put a password on the file, so please thank me for being a nice person!)

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    cool, I really liked, I did it as uolpilot, and then that stopped working I had no macro, and I did not know the commands of the blue eye, now thanks to your topic already know, thanks.

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    Well, but now have of this system of suspicious activity '-'
    cannot fishing and go to sleep '-'
    Made In BRASIL

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