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    Need help uopilot bot for Aika Sea

    Repeat 10 //repeat 10 times
    :main //main script part
    send tab //key for "next target"
    send f1
    send f3
    if 408, 52 2175075 //get mobs HP on mobs HP status bar,
    goto atak //next command
    :atak //mob attack
    send 1
    send 2
    send 3
    send 4
    send 6
    send 9
    send 0
    send - //hit mob, if F1 is "mob attack" key
    while 408 52 2175075 //if mobs HP is "red", repeat attack
    goto atak

    :hp //use HP jar
    if 164, 42 3222577 //if chars HP bar isn't red
    send f5 //key for using jar (on quick panel)
    //goto main

    if 163, 51 4274985
    send f6
    goto main
    End_Repeat //end
    Repeat 18
    send Left

    this script i was using is almost perfect bot for aika sea,, i edit some too like mp bar.. but i dont get is how can i get the circumference of the character or radius so it will only walk through the radius or circumference when i start botting my char.. could anyone help me?

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    Read the following topic he explains in detail how to make this bot

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