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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkT View Post
    u're trying banned me in all topics u must be ban MUST BE REMEMBER? U LIKE THIS WORD
    I'm sorry, but it does not make sense for me. Anyway people does not need to read useless stuff like this.
    On topic for people, that does not know.
    This might work for any game with GameGuard Protection.
    But unfornatelly on xtrap it will not work.

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    Too bad it is useless in AIKABR :/ it would be good if it worked, but Xtrap doque GameGuard is more secure, harder to break in, and he gets even normal programs sometimes :/.

    Pena que é inútil em AIKABR :/, seria uma boa se funcionasse, mas XTrap é mais protegido doque GameGuard, mais dificil burlar, e ele pega até mesmo programas normais as vezes :/.

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    Thx RodoX and Yoshi Guys work in AikaSEA because The GG isn't a good ant-hack, but in aika br try instal 2 aika and rename the executable to Aika2!

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