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Thread: Packets AikaBR

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    you must make aika bypass xtrap first,
    then use wpe..
    i think packet aikaBR like packet aika sea..
    correct me if i'm wrong

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    Cool Request for help

    Hello I'm here to apologize for not having anything to post on the forum.

    I'm trying as much as possible to find loopholes in the aika br.

    Only this week I came across with a new update Xtrap in which my only way to achieve results was noxtrap.

    I ask your help I need a new noxtrap to continue my work.

    I know I am an expert in EC already able to find several bugs in other games like Talisman online.

    aika for missing this tool so that it would be essential in my research.

    If it can help me I will report to you guys every revolution of my research.

    Sorry for my english I used the translator

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