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    [Request] UCE, Undetectable Cheat Engine

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    Estou precisando de um Cheat Engine que não seja acusado pelo Xtrap, se caso houver, gostaria que algum Membro postasse se possível, ou me ensinar como deixar um Indetectável, procurei o quanto pude e não achei!
    Quem puder me ajudar deixo meu agradecimento.

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    I need a cheat engine that is not accused by Xtrap, if there is, I would like some have posted if possible, or teach me how to make an Undetectable, how I looked and not found!
    Who can help me leave my thanks.

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    Just search here on the same forum. I hope these two links can help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jefsson View Post
    Just search here on the same forum. I hope these two links can help you.
    Thanks, but no work!

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