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    Explanation about Unlock Character's

    Well guys, recently I seen that have emerged several "Unlockers" but also realized that almost all designers, even though to hack, know just that the "enter name char, look for the 05 and change to 00."
    I'll explain what each part means.
    First, all the information about the 3 chars occupy a total of bytes equivalent to 0x138 = 312 bytes value, being busy a value of 0x68 = 104 bytes per char.
    The limit of letters to the name of the char, of the 104 bytes, this occupies a byte value 0x10, or 16 bytes, each byte 1 = 1 letter, then the first 16 bytes of each space occupied by information from a char, will represent his nickname.
    Now I will explain how to look for byte that you must zero, look for a byte value "05" which is off site of bytes that represent the name of your character, after finding just switch 05> 00 and character will be unlocked to enter the number, but to work it has to be the old correct numerical.
    I know many will still find run out, then some tips are, see if the side of the "05" there is a "01", then "05 01" as ta marked in print, something important, will not always be "05" can be 06,07,08 ... yet the "01" will still remain, and most importantly, see if next 6 bytes have a value as 0xCC also marked in print.
    And finally with regard to finding the right byte, but I would say more difficult, for each char info that had 104 bytes, the byte remains in the position with value 0x61 , ie after 97º byte.
    To finish I will explain how it works, I'd say the "key bytes" that are 97 and 98 byte values ​​will usually be with "05 01".
    The byte at position 97º represents the number of times you missed the numerical, so usually it always has the value 05, since typing 5 times wrong char blocks and you are prevented from trying more times, but it can be over 05, example, you log in, the enter wrong numerical 3 times, and then can login, after try logs and enter the numerical wrong 5 times, this case would already be "08 01" and not "05 01", because I have a score of 3 mistakes in the first attempt and 5 at last attempt.
    The byte in the 98° position is if the char has numeric or not, 01 = char has, char = 00 does not, so it is also always 01, it is impossible to miss number of a char that does not have the same, and also why when it resets this byte, appears as if it had fully reset, because the client sees the value 00 and identifies as though there were numerically, but only visual, the numerical still exists it is not reset.
    I hope you now understand how it really works the hack to unlock char and all the "theory" behind the method, yes, it is a great text, but if you read it all, Congratulations, you now know how to actually do hack to unlock, and is not only one of the "digit char name and look at 05", in future I will make explanations about other types of hacks.

    Byte of position 97º represents the number of times that enter the numerical wrong.

    Byte of position 98º represents if the char have or not a numerical, in this case, had, since 01 = YES, 00 = NO.

    Last 6 bytes of each info per character, with value 0xCC.

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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