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    Resolving Error PsCliks.dll

    Resolving Error PsCliks.dll

    Hello friends of PGC few days ago I came across an error, or just say it's a lock X-trap due to this PsCliks.dll file that sits on your computer after the installation of a program called "PSafe".

    Some times the agent does not even notice when you see this already with the program installed on the computer, so I recommend one attention expecial boxes herding in managers downloads and downloaded programs at the time of installation uncheck these boxes.

    **Now come on, our problem is this image below:

    1st - Go to Start / Control Panel / Uninstall Programs.

    2nd - You will notice that together with the installation of the other two have PSafe: Click the PSafe Insurance Protects and PSafe.

    3rd - If you want to solve the problem with the X-trap but still keep the PSafe on your compudador just uninstall the Click Safe / PSafe Protects now not want to uninstall everything but it has to be throughthe Control Panel does not forget.

    4th - After this Restart your computer. Ready problem solved.

    >Just below Video of how to solve the problem:

    Portugues  RZmoM:&imgrefurl=  576&dur=144&hovh=142&hovw=355&tx=172&ty=71&sig=106  961191453148541656&page=2&tbnh=76&tbnw=189&start=4  5&ndsp=56&ved=1t:429,r:16,s:45,i:202

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