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    My Warlock/Night Magician tips/tactics/Build

    Hello, I am a long time Warlock user. Why do I play Warlock? Its because I loved Magic as they got AoE skills, ranged, and best part about it is because it deals massive damage in every skill. lets cut to the chase, this is my personal build:-

    Cored 85 Honor set :-
    Staff - Critical Damage Increase 13%, Critical rate increase 6, Nation damage increase 220
    Armor(1/4) - Move speed 3, nation defense 55, critical resist 8
    Armor(3/4) - Nation defense 55, Double Attack resist 6, Critical resist 8
    Explaination -
    my build revolve on nation damage to deal max damage against player of other nation(enemy).
    As I already said earlier, warlock deal massive damage on each skill, so I enchanted Critical damage increase 13 to further increase my max critical damage.
    6 crit enchant is to further increase my chance to land a crit on enemy.
    my 85honor set is cored, so I only needed 1 movespeed3 on my armor to get my ideal move speed. Hence, enabling me to have extra 3 enchant slot.
    There, I enchanted Double attack resist 6. in total I got 18 DA resist on my gear. that should be enough for most people.
    as for me, I prefer Nation damage decrease instead of Critical damage reduce as Im trying to build a tanky and hard to crit warlock. so crit dmg reduce is useless as people will find me hard to crit on.(Twilight user is excepted)

    Mount :-
    1) Flame Amistad(1k hp, 100matack, 6 critical rate) - Int+10, Int+10, Int+10
    2) White Blue Lacerta (240 pdef, 240 mdef, 10 critical resist) - crit resist 6, crit resist 6, crit resist 6
    1) My main Mount. 6 additional crit rate is big! any crit rate you can get your hand on will help!
    I use Int enchant because intelligence on gear gives 0.075% CDR for each int. with 30 int on mount, I get 2.25% CD, 90 matack, 0.9% Mdef pierce/ those bonus are really worth it!

    2) My back up mount. pretty much self explanatory!

    Pran Costume :-
    Int10, int10, critical damage 3%
    pretty much self explanatory/already explained.

    Accessory :-
    Vile Devil Bone ring + earring - Crit 4, nation damage increase 55, nation damage decrease 55
    Pran flower Bracelet + Necklace - same enchant
    self explanatory/already explained.

    Attributes build
    1 points in Dexterity/Agility
    the rest into Spirit/luck
    as everyone already know, spirit gives MP as bonus. MP is important so that you can spam more skills or to tank more hits as manashield eats your mana for tanking purpose.
    I would go for intelligence for the CD, but the bonus for stat build is too low that I would just stack int on my gears and keep spirit on status build.

    1) I have my crit resist mount on my skill bar so that I can immediately change to crit resist mount when I get stunned. if you didnt knew, you can change your mount/pran even when you are stunned if you have it on your skill hotkey bar.

    2) Stacks buffs before casting mana shield buffs. you can use honor speed potions and honor valor battle potions plus karena soup before casting manashield. if possible, get clerics buff and warrior buffs too! this way rifleman will find it hard to neutralize your manashield.
    lets say you get all buffs. 2 from honor pots, 1 from karena soup, 4 from clerics, 2-3 from warrior totals up to 9-10 buffs before manashield. with these buffs, even max castigate will not be able to remove your manashield.

    3) use Potion of defense to keep your buffs even after death.

    4) to kill a tanky target, always use bunny. to max the efficiency of bunny. use this combo : Max Soul Trap > Bunny > Incinerate(or any other skills that gives off debuffs like incinerate or ruinous thunder or stun or silence).
    With these combo, I can assure you that the target will be down to 10% hp or insta death.

    5) always move around, never stay in 1 place. this way you will be less likely to be hit as they would have to chase after you. Since you are range, keep your range and try to kill them without getting hits.

    6) If possible, always pvp with cleric around you. Clerics not only can heal you, but purify you as well. learn to protect the cleric and the cleric will protect you.

    7) Manage your mana usage. always use skill on its best efficiency. Always spam ruinous thunder before any high damage skill as Ruinous thunder further amplify the next skill casted for a few seconds.

    I will update this thread from time to time.
    Thats all for now, please post here or pm me directly to ask questions regarding my build. Thank you.

    Credits : Cutback and Co. analysis
    Stats and their Attributes (WIP, Updated) (#p314309)
    by unicyber » Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:39 pm
    Wiki is outdated and wrong.
    STR: 2.6 PAtk (WR/PL), 0.33% Crit Damage, 0.03% P.Def Piercing, 0.05~ P.Crit Rate (scales worse as stat goes up)
    DEX: 2.6 PAtk (DG/RM), 0.05 Dodge Rate, 0.1 Hit Rate, 0.1~ Crit Rate (scales worse as stat goes up)
    INT: 3 MAtk (CL/WL), 0.04% Cooldown (0.075% from int gained from equipment) 0.03% M.Def Piercing, 7 Heal
    CON: 0.066 Crit Resist, 0.04 P.Crit Resist, 27.5 HP, 3 HP Recovery
    SPI: 0.1 Abnormal Status Resist, 27.5 MP, 3 MP Recovery, 5 SAM
    Everything is tested except HP Recovery, MP Recovery, and SAM.
    Please try to figure out their values.
    The values may vary when relics, potion of destruction, potion of defense, or anything else
    percent-based is factor'ed in. (Including LMA buff)

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