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    History of Aika !

    The world collapsed second creation

    At the beginning of everything, just the great goddess Aika in the universe, realized that it was creating nescessário species of life in the big empty universe made it, decided to populate the lands and therefore decided to create a noble race called "Scinic".
    As was made in the image of perfection and Aika, the new race felt frustrated in his perfect life without desafios.Culparam Aika for life tedious and cried that led her to put them in an eternal sleep under the fertile soil arcan .
    With his great wisdom, aika acknowledged its failure in creating the perfect and created the human doest that had at its core as much evil as the kindness and this balance gave meaning to their lives.
    With the freedom to choose many humans were guided by hand Obscure life. Irritated with the possible ruin of his 2nd creation, the Great Goddess, created a new breed of juizws parapunnir those who profane the land, these were called Zereca.
    Aika wept to see the situation, and saw that he hopes to haviah zerecas sought the most honored among humans arquitetr for an escape, Giovanni joined as many as possible and left.

    Lakia became islands of Heaven

    With the rest of his power, Aika lifted Lakia In Heaven, freeing humans of the impending destruction, sad and depressed co facts Aika fell into a deep sleep and zerecas like fragments were created with the power of the Goddess, also entered a state deep sleep.
    Three hundred years have passed without that humans had no problem on earth from heaven.
    Anticipating the problems that humans will face the Great Aika created entities known Elter to fight this darkness, and how the grace of Aika has no limits, she also created the prans.Que are fairies with elemental powers to help Elters .

    Zereca Awake

    The Zerecas who slept with aika, agree after 300 years of hibernation
    However, with the remaining power of Aika, the Zerecas could not break free of the seal.
    Then created, subordinates, the jerennises and gave them the power to provide energy to the black monsters and tornálos his faithful servants.
    Aika who had predicted that Zerecas return to life before her, prepared her fourth creation, the prans to fight their cons creature fails, Zerecas.

    "Now begins a war between humans and Zerecas, with Prans united with the humans as a powerful ally in the new world."

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