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    Exclamation Stat Points

    The question when it comes to level 51 is: where to distribute stat points?

    Here are:

    Strength : More Physical Damage (Close Combat) ; More Double Attack Rate ; More Critical Damage ; More Piercing Damage (Physical)

    Agility : More Physical Damage (Distance Combat) ; More Critical Attack Rate ; More Hit Chance ; More Avoidance / Evasion Rate

    Intelligence : More Magic Attack ; More Level of Heal ; Less Cooldown in Spells ; More Piercing Damage (Magical)

    Luck : More MP ; More MP Regeneration ; More Resistance at Abnormal Status

    Constitution : More HP ; More HP Regeneration ; More Resistance at Critical Attacks


    Warrior : Strength
    Crusader : Constitution
    Dual Gunner : Agility
    Night Magician : Intelligence / Luck (i think that intelligence is better than luck)
    Sniper : Agility
    Cleric : Intelligence

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