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Thread: Pheltas DG BUG

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    Smile Pheltas DG BUG

    hello PGC!

    For PHELTAS dg bug..u need at least 1 RIFLEMAN or more in the pt..
    all the rm need to do is roll the dice then quick CAST THE TURRET SKILL(x14-demolition).
    Once u reach the next room,one of the mobs will DIE AUTOMATICALLY when the TURRET IS GONE.(turret will be left behind on the past room)
    meaning,the time of turret is the life time of the monster.

    Ratio, 1 turret : 1 monster

    this is best on bosses in pheltas. if ever u dont have any prz or good tank.
    but always remember,u need to hit the boss before the turret times out so that u can have the loots and EXP.

    please try if u find it interesting.

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    good ;]

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