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    Dungeon: Gate of the Abyss

    The Dungeon Gate of the Abyss is the new dungeon EPIC III!
    It is located in the Valley of Silence, No map Disckeroa.

    There are some errors in the image above. Many are confused and wrong information!
    "You need a group of at least 2 people."
    Where the OnGame get that?

    Anyway, the important thing here is the minimum level: 71.

    The dungeon is divided into 03 large areas and at the end of each area there is a portal that provides access to the next part of the dungeon.

    To use the Portal, you must have the keys. These keys are caught within Chests that are in small rooms within each area DGs.
    In the image below you can see the map of the dungeon. Each point marked on the map indicates the position of the monsters inside. It is also possible the rooms and chests (circled in red)

    The Master Tip for this dungeon is:
    Here in virtually all monsters have skills of Silence and / or Stun (stun). If you get surrounded, you'll probably get caught in a big wheel "stun / silence / stun / silence / stun ..." and surely that make it very difficult passage through the dungeon.

    Early on you find monsters: Repairman Gate (Silver Crown) and Defense Support (golden crown). There is no secret to defeat them. To move forward without problems, I advise you to run to a safe distance and do not get to draw the monsters from the front.

    Here you are surprised by that legion of guards of the Abyss (silver crown). Again take them little by little and move on. By defeating the ranks of monsters you will face the first boss, boss1. Tip: take a ranged attack and bring it closer to you, so avoid that among other monsters in battle. The Boss is simple, with simple attacks.

    To go to the Halls of Chests, go right (map) and be careful with the Guardian of the Abyss and Black Spiders (debuff motion). There will be a few more monsters to be defeated on the road.
    You may need to defeat a few more mobs before gaining entrance to the Portal.

    The rooms of the Chests are left in this area (map). You will find some spiders there. The parts of the map that are red indicate lava and you can not go there.

    The path is filled with monsters that will stun you in every way imaginable. Caution. Many Eaters Lava, Lava Creatures and Fetak. The most annoying is the Fetak poisonous because it activates a buff that reverses all the damage you inflict it on HP (like the Seridun Tatana and Ariela's Dungarees). Here it is important not to get stuck with a lot of monsters on you. It's certain death!
    The Head of Part 2 is Jerennis Dephras. I personally find it very hard to kill because of two things:
    • He has great healing skills
    • He throws a skill that reflects damage.

    It is important to know how to calculate when it will launch the attack and always reflect as much as possible!
    Tip predict the reflectance: The "animation" when it throws the skill is something like opening it up a bit (a hug? Kkk ')

    NOTE: The Reflect it is 300% ^ ^

    Good luck and let's go to Part 3!

    The monsters are:
    • Incandescent Flusion - golden crown (skill flash, similar to pistoleiras)
    • Flusion - golden crown (skill of silence)
    • Elite Tribe Caon, easier to kill
    • Duck Abyss, even easier to kill

    Finally arrived to the last boss, Siclus - Judge of the Abyss. The skills most boring him are:
    • Open craters in the ground (high damage)
    • Invoking the "Tribe Caon Bodyguard" which has a lot of HP, but do not give experience.

    Given the location of the head, the room is more Chests forward.

    The Drop in here is simple:
    Mobs normal (silver crown)
    [Normal / Hard / Elite]
    • Hides, Terasphera, bullion etc.
    • Dispheron
    • Sets lv.80 (Anvil)
    • Hira / Kaize-A-

    Mobs "mini-boss" and Heads (golden crown)
    [Normal / Hard / Elite]
    • The drops are the same crown of silver, but with the chance of getting
    Force of Evil contorted, the key ingredient to create Unique Weapons lv.85

    • Keys to the next stage
    • Force of Evil contorted
    • Dispheron
    • Hira / Kaize-A-
    • Currency Mithril Abyss
    • Blade of the Abyss
    • Barrel Abyss
    • Wood Abyss

    more Drops
    Hira / Kaize-AA-are dropped here too, but the chance is sooo small.

    Nuclei Enhancement (lv.80 ~ 85) are dropped from 3 Heads only and in all modes. The chance is very small drop is random and come from Red Star (Rare) and Blue Star (Honor).


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    I liked the post because accurately informs the dungeon really helped

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