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    Armour of rare 80

    good personal tou aki passing a tip for those who like pvp and ta looking armor that is essential for good pvp my conclusions is 5 that the effects will cause you a good empressão in pvp for example I think the best armor in twilight, which in addition to pierce the defense of his opponent by 40% in addition to hitting all critical it is to be essenlente comtra dawn why a lot of resistance to critical and such. (this is good for warrior) to think better shooter armagedon much for giving double have that effect 5 that appears to be a magician cruz.pra the best sunrise is why bonbina with black mist leaving him with such resistance and the critical cleric in order to best set to give life and healing effect rtecuperação hp and mp and dual templa to think good twilight tbm good hope you enjoyed it and choose the right armor for your characters

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