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    Lightbulb How to get points fast PVP?

    Ola ,com a chegada do Epic 3 muitos que não tem 6k de PvP estão loucos para conseguir seus sonhados sets honra lvl 85,porem não precisa fica preocupado,com um pouco de paciencia e vontade rapidamente você consegue 6k de pvp ,hoje irei mostra alguma formas de conseguir PvP rapido.

    Farm Leopold.

    Farma in Leopold and one of most effective ways of getting PvP quickly, just get on the map Leopold (only available for lvl 51 +) and ask PT, one day I did it 400 of pvp, and very fast and very effective.


    The farm just come in and do Timat PvP for lvl 61-65 in pharma unglor recommend for lvl 65-70 Ashwood, for lvl 71-75 verband (where the guys keep giving pk) and lvl 75-70 Spota recommend the helperin save and make PvP back to tiamat.


    The most dishonest PvP to get put to more effective, you've got a FreeKill pt and you just another nation is killing them, usually friends who have char in another nation does this, for me and the worst form of PVP and so the noobs do more in 4 days until you get about 3000 points of PvP, and really very fast.

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    that it's lots of way to get pvp kill, farm leopold or anothers nation, the New Elter you can get lot of PvP, and atacks and def of reliquia, but the basic is...get out of PVE server
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