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    About Double Attack

    Since the Ice Age Human beings have been doing and combinations that result in several interesting results. Stone = Stone + Fire + Fire = Food Dinosaur and so on. Now let's learn the history of mankind ... Joke

    So as I was saying, we can create various types and legal outcomes, combining things. In Aika works the same way


    1 - It is recommended to have a high double attack classes TYPE: Shooter and Paladin, and Warrior (not very recommendable)

    2 - Set: +8 Double Armageddon, other sets do not provide some kind of double Attack!

    3 - Rings: Ring Shaped Demon (Elite Lycan) = +4 Double
    ******************* Ring Buried Forest (Buto Mutant) = +2 Double

    ***** Earrings: Earring of Molten Lava (Mina Infernal) = +4 Double
    ******************* Earring Buried Forest (Buto Mutant) = +2 Double
    ******************* Shaped Earring Demon (Elite Lycan) = +4 Double

    ***** Necklaces: Necklace Buried Forest (Croshu Mutant Ash) = +2 Double

    * Bracelets: Bracelet Buried Forest (Croshu Mutant Ash) = +2 Double
    ******************** Molten Lava Bracelet (Mina Infernal) = +4 Double

    4 - The crystal weapon with double attack is higher (7). Mount, you can add 3 Crystals Double Attack (4)

    5 - With only 2 accessories Queen (lv.70), you acquire and five double as Additional (2), Ai gets you free to use any other accessories.

    Only with the Effect 2, you already have 5 Double Attack, and is free to choose another 2 accessories

    How To Double Attack?

    1 - twin attacks happen only in Standard Physical Attacks (Not for Skills)

    2 - I Hito 10k (normal) and 12k (critical), with double attack will be 20k (normal) and 24k (double critical)

    3 - Status of points that add Double attack is STRENGTH, more strength, more double attack.

    Credits - Comixão

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    Cool stuff, Can add more image for accessories?


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