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    Thumbs up Sets Dourados 71-75

    Updates from EPIC II, the only set that can go toe to toe with 75 Ancient Honor Set is Golden. He has ADDs and effects as good as the Ancient, but each set has a different focus.

    For the Golden Set you must perform a series of daily quests on multiple game maps.
    Quests are quick to make, but time consuming for both the repetitions to be followed.
    There is also the minimum level for each quest be available. The schedule is:
    -71 - Gloves
    -72 - Boots
    -73 - Elmo
    -74 - Armor
    -75 - Weapon

    All of them (minus the gun) are caught in Amarkand in various Moas that exist on the map.
    The Moa-will give you a quest to collect as many items.
    -These items are picked up daily quests from NPCs in the set.
    -You get only one (01) quest item per day.
    -Upon completion, the Moa will give you a part of the set and the next quest can be done (with the proviso that you have the required level).

    [ATTACH = CONFIG] 2354 [/ ATTACH]
    Gloves (Lv. 71)
    The quest of gloves is the easiest. Given the Moa Lambiel and made in Termes, you can use the channel PvE and avoid confrontation with other nations. Also the level, the monsters are defeated easily.

    [ATTACH = CONFIG] 2355 [/ ATTACH]
    Boots (Lv. 72)
    Already in Boots you need to go and pick up the Daily Leopold at Ephesus. But the monsters are still easy and quickly you complete.

    [ATTACH = CONFIG] 2356 [/ ATTACH]
    Elmo (Lv. 73)
    To make Elmo the situation gets a little more complicated. The process of picking up and delivering the daily is not 100% done in the city and you need to be very careful not to bump into other nations!

    [ATTACH = CONFIG] 2357 [/ ATTACH]
    Armor (Lv. 74)
    Now it was serious! This is the worst quest set golden. Are 03 daily quest in distant parts of the map. The Armor requires much time and patience to be made.

    [ATTACH = CONFIG] 2358 [/ ATTACH]
    Weapon (Lv. 75)
    Finally we arrived in Arma. She ends the set and gives you access to Effect (5) coveted this set.

    To our delight the 04 quests are made Karena and "Moa Home" is the buddy Bariel.
    Patience there are now 30 DAYS of quests!
    * NOTE: For Templar, the Shield comes along Weapon.

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    good job ^^

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    já tava esquecendo dos créditos : D

    was already forgetting the credits

    Créditos - Maud

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