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    Lakia Field Boss Spawn Locations

    This is only for Lakia FBs, I've tried to get Traband and Karena's FBs, but they are killed so quickly its impossible without other nations helping.

    These are not the only spawn locations, this mainly represents the areas you may find them. These were found on both Normal and Limited channels. There's tons of posts about what they drop, but none of any actual locations.

    Verband - Chillen

    Amarkand - Lake Guardian, Kaydj
    None! Sorry, but I've only seen a few around here and I didn't mark the locations. If you have some, add to this!

    Celestine Caverns - Coral Slasher (blue tags)

    Tabazra - King Kobra (red tags), Scorpion Master (blue tags), Lord of the Flies (purple tag in Tagoul, check Hess pic)

    Mt. Hessian - Lord of the Flies (purple tags), Scorpion Master (blue tags), Executioner (red tags), Ruin Gazer (green tags)

    Ruins of Algon - Ruin Gazer (green tags), Aegorath (purple tags), Executioner (blue tag close to Cirr)

    Lost Mines - Ultimate Diambus (blue tags)

    Darkrane Forest - Devilwing (blue tags), Iron Croshu (red tags), Tapeons Wrath (purple tags)

    Ashwood - Diodia (blue tags), Fireheart (red tags)

    Termiz - Hell Excavator (blue tags)

    P.S. IDK how to make the pictures smaller lol, if a mod wants to do that somehow, its fine with me. 100% pic size not necessary.

    If you have more places you would like to add, put a map pic (either little map in corner of UI zoomed out or actual map like above) and I'll add and update the pics. I have a toon solely dedicated to this lol.

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    good job guy, which just missed putting the drops, but still was very good

    bom trabalho cara, só faltou colocar quais os drops, mas mesmo assim ficou muito bom
    I helped, click thanks

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