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    Thumbs up Build/skill fc [por favor liberem minha acc]

    Well I do not know if you agree with me on this my Build if not post your comments below besides me fara help others not do anything stupid.


    Chaotic Flame :: ~ Lv. Maximum ::
    Because Lv. Maximum? I think skill and stronger against FC mobs and PvP.

    Polymorph :: ~ Lv. 1 ::
    I think this nifty skill the more it depends on you

    Black Shield :: ~ Lv. Maximum ::
    Because Lv. Maximum? I think he and cons more mass to PVP mobs and not very good
    Penza against him you will get much MP

    Chaotic :: Hell ::
    I put Lv. Maximum
    Lv. Maximum and because a skill that paralyzes the Adversary and has an excellent damage.


    Impediment :: :: Lv. Maximum
    Precludes the Adversary the Skill & The mobs attack you.

    Erode :: ::
    This and our Lv. He Maximo if you attack someone she'll return your HP Very Nearly Every mass

    Swarm of Darkness :: :: Lv. 1
    In Good Lv. I sitei it over 65 ~ 70 o Swarm is already Top


    Spear :: Ray :: Lv. 1
    That means I get to put duced more Lv. 1 because and good to take shield
    of War & Dual

    Splendour Chaotic :: ::
    I put Lv. 1 because I like it and DGs In Help
    "She Choose your ta"

    Bruma Sonífera :: ::
    Our This I use just to take a leak and stun you with more and tabem.

    I think the 4th Pra front you can put the skill and maximums because the best

    If like the one thaks

    Fis a bit with spelling eros
    If you do not think according to your skill cometary pole.


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