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    Aika Online Castle Siege

    Castle Siege is a PvP (player versus player) feature unique to Aika where the guilds and guild alliances within a nation compete in a bloody campaign to secure the Lakian Fortress — the ultimate national seat of power. Every week, all five nations will each be host to a potential military revolution, where the Lord Marshal and his ruling regime must defend the Fortress against an onslaught of would-be usurper guilds and guild alliances. As the Fortress is very heavily fortified and the incumbent administration is given large status and damage bonuses, it is no simple task for the invaders to achieve victory within the designated time limit.

    A guild which aspires to reign may form an alliance with up to three other guilds and perfect a strategy for takeover. However, since only one of up to four alliances (aside from the incumbent guild or guild alliance) may rule over the nation, each alliance must also fend off other rivals for the throne. The considerable rewards of attaining ruler status through Castle Siege are not easily won, but ambitious guilds led by formidable guildmasters won't ignore the opportunity to acquire power of this scale. The Lord Marshal of every nation controls taxation, relic upgrades, international military alliances, allocation of defensive resources, and more. Those Aitan within the Lord Marshal's guild are given privileges worthy of their special title — Lord Marshal's Knights — including immunity from the penalty inflicted on those who kill their countrymen.

    Every week, guilds and guild alliances may apply via the Castle Siege Administrator in Regenshein during a specific time window to participate in that week's Castle Siege. There is room for up to 16 guilds to compete, including guilds in alliances. The regime in power is automatically entered into the battle. The final list of guilds and guild alliances is announced the day before the Castle Siege. Guilds on the offensive side are assigned to one of four starting points on the outside of the Fortress (A through D in the graphic below), while the Lord Marshal's guild or guild alliance takes the fifth point (E). In order to achieve victory, a guild or guild alliance must break down one of the gates to gain entry into the castle, tag three out of five of its protective orbs to break the shield over the Marshal's Flag, and then keep other attacking guilds and the defending regime busy while its guildmaster takes the flag from the central platform. This must be accomplished within the Castle Siege time limit, which is one hour.

    Once a guildmaster has successfully acquired the flag, the Castle Siege is over and that guildmaster's guild or guild alliance has won supreme control over the nation for the week. If the battle was won by a guild alliance, the guildmaster of the leading guild in the alliance becomes Lord Marshal and the other alliance guildmasters become Archons. The Archons assist the Lord Marshal in ruling the nation, and they and their guild members receive status boosts as well. If none of the attacking guilds or guild alliances accomplishes this goal, the incumbent regime has retained the right to continue its dominion over the nation.

    How to Apply
    You can apply to participate in Castle Siege through Roberto Delfino located at the Administrative District.
    * Reminder
    • Apply once you have all the requirements.
    • Once applied, it cannot be cancelled.

    • Character is in War Channel of the Nation you belong to.
    • Belong to Legion of level 2 or above
    • Character is a Legion Master or Alliance Master
    • 1,000,000 Gold (Should be in the Legion Warehouse)
    • Only 1 application is allowed

    Application Period
    Application for Castle Siege should be submitted between 00:01 Monday to 23:59 Wednesday every week.

    Invitation for Alliance can be send from Legion Information > Alliance Information menu.
    Once application is completed, your Legion(Alliance) will be limited to;
    - Send Alliance Invitation / Enter an Alliance / Delegate Alliance Master title / Dissolve the Legion
    Once the list of participants is announced, participating Legions(Alliances) are limited to;
    - Send Alliance Invitation / Enter an Alliance / Delegate Legion Master title / Delegate Alliance Master title
    / Dissolve the Legion

    Maximum of 4 Legions or Alliances are selected to participated in the Castle Siege. List of participants is announced at 17:00 every Thursday. You can check the list in the Castle Siege tab under Nation Information, “N” for shortcut, menu.

    How to Enter
    You can enter the Castle Siege zone through Roberto Delfino.
    Defenders – Able to enter immediate upon start
    Attackers – Able to enter 5 minutes after the start

    All HP gauge, aside from allied forces, will be displayed in color red.
    • Legion Masters can command their forces through Alliance Command, Nation Command chat mode.
    • Legion Masters are marked during Castle Siege

    Castle Siege is held every Saturday from 8:00 ~ 9:00 PM (One Hour).

    If the Legion Master of the attackers completes “Marshal Ceremony” for 2 minutes at the “Marshal Ceremonial Altar” in the Crac des Chevaliers, attackers win the Castle Siege. On the other hand, if the attackers fail to do so, the defenders win.
    Marshal Ceremony can be held only if members of allied forces have Water, Fire and Air Orbs (after
    destroying them). Therefore, the goal of the Castle Siege for each side is;
    Defenders – Prevent attackers from having the Marshal Ceremony.
    Attackers – Complete the Marshal Ceremony within the time
    Castle Siege Zone
    Castle Siege zone is composed of 1 defenders area and 4 attackers area.

    Castle Siege Information
    During the Castle Siege, if the character is within the zone, you can check the progress and other information through “Castle Siege Information” menu.

    Information of Guard Tower ownership and Orb status is shown in real-time.
    Place the cursor over different icons in the map to check current status.

    Castle Siege Items

    Total of 5. Only attackers can destroy these gates.

    Total of 5. Only 2 of these gates can be destroyed by attackers. Other 3 gates are just an illusion that HP is decreased if attacked but will not be destroyed.

    Total of 5 Orbs, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Dark, are in 5 different locations. Only attackers can destroy them. If all 5 are destroyed, Water, Fire and Air Orbs are activated and Legion members are stamped with these 3 Orbs.

    Belongs to defenders and out of 7 towers, 3 towers are placed by the Marshal. Guard Towers serve as defensive line but, once taken by the attackers, it will turn back and start attacking the defenders.

    Insignia of Marshal is kept here, protected by a force field. However, once all the Orbs are destroyed, the force field loses its power and it remains unprotected.

    1. Characters that do not belong to any Legions or Alliances announced as participants in the Castle Siege can also enter the Castle Siege zone through Roberto Delfino once initiated.
    2. You choose whether to fight under Defenders, Attacker A, Attacker B, Attacker C or Attacker D. Once you have chosen, you cannot switch sides until the siege is over.
    3. Members of participating Legions or Alliances cannot choose sides.

    Conditions for Non-participants
    1. Non-participants will not stamped with 3 Orbs or the Insignia of Marshal.
    2. Non-participants will join Castle Siege as temporary member of chosen Legion or Alliance.
    3. Non-participants belonging to same Legion but have chosen different sides will be recognized as enemies and will be able to attack each other.

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