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Thread: No JUMP > Fish

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    No JUMP > Fish

    People this is a basic guide and very easy to put together, is the method I use for the character does not jump to throw the bait while fishing.

    I know that many people already know that most still see many people jumping at the launch of the bait decided to make this simple tutorial.

    __________________________________________________ ___

    Let it:

    You can do it within the game.

    First press the "Esc" on your keyboard will appear as a checkbox in the following image:

    Go to Settings UI:

    __________________________________________________ ____

    After doing this you will see a box Written control settings, then click Basic control and locate the
    option, Jump / Riding Skill 1 :

    Where A is written "Space" Double click a tick SHOULD like this:

    __________________________________________________ _______

    After this press a key you want to replace the "Space", I use the key "Z", it does not disturb the functions of other shortcuts of the game is done, click Save and you're done you can go fishing without skipping, since the "space" in time to end the fishing will not be the same command Leap:


    Portugues  RZmoM:&imgrefurl=  576&dur=144&hovh=142&hovw=355&tx=172&ty=71&sig=106  961191453148541656&page=2&tbnh=76&tbnw=189&start=4  5&ndsp=56&ved=1t:429,r:16,s:45,i:202

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    Oh man, I didn't know,
    very simple and functional,
    u have my THANKS!!!


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    I did not know that. Thanks man

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