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    Advanced set Golden 75 (Warrior)

    Hi guys, today I came to post the advanced set golden 75
    hope you like it, I will soon be posting other class



    Rank: A
    Level Required: 75
    Physical Attack: 488

    Increase maximum HP by 2180
    Increase 86 physical damage
    Increase 6% damage to monster


    Rank: A
    Level Required: 74
    Physical Defense: 823
    Magical Defense: 634

    Increase maximum HP by 940
    Increase dodge rate by 2
    Decrease mana consumption for all skills by 2%.


    Rank: A
    Level Required: 73
    Physical Defense: 514
    Magical Defense: 396

    Increase maximum HP by 670
    Increase dodge rate by 3
    Increase 3% damage to monster.


    Rank: A
    Level Required: 72
    Physical Defense: 411
    Magical Defense: 317

    Increase maximum HP by 530
    Increase dodge rate by 2
    Increase 3% damage to monster.


    Rank: A
    Level Required: 71
    Physical Defense: 308
    Magical Defense: 237

    Increase maximum HP by 400
    Increase dodge rate by 2
    Increase 3% damage to monster.

    Set Effect (3)
    Physical defense increased by 600
    Magic defense increased by 920

    Set Effect (4)
    Maximum HP increased by 2850
    Critical resistance increased by 23

    Set Effect (5)
    Strength increased by 80
    Vitality increased by 80
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    Not like to encourage someone doing this equip.

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    but some player used for farming dungeon..

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